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If you’ve put a lot of effort into writing the content for your mailshot you will want to make sure it grabs the customer’s attention for long enough for them to actually read it.

Unfortunately, no matter how engaging the content if the design layout and template isn’t right, your chances of being seen are negligible. Here’s a look at a few different ideas for templates for your mailshot.


You have no more than 90 seconds to make a positive impact on the customer and colour plays a major part in their assessment.

One study suggests that between 62-90% of their judgement is based on the colour, with a full colour mailshot increasing the response rate by as much as 45%.

Colour theory suggests that every hue has certain associations, as follows:

  • Green = safety, wealth and growth
  • Yellow = support, warmth and liveliness
  • White = hope, cleanliness and purity
  • Blue = tranquility, trust and productivity
  • Red = life, love and warning

When you choose the colour for your template, pick the tone which matches the kind of message you are trying to convey and you could attract far more interest.

Colour instantly adds a certain elegance and class to your mailshot, making it feel more exclusive and of higher quality.


Although colour is extremely important, the shape and size of the mailshot will also be significant in determining whether it is attractive to the customer.

The majority of mailshots will be uniform shapes and sizes, whether that be a larger design or a smaller, postcard style design.

One easy way to make your mailshot stand out instantly is to use a different shape for your template. Surveys suggest that 94% of recipients make a judgement about the mail according to the appearance, and that includes shape and size.

Die cut shapes are now manifold so there’s no shortage of choice of designs, so when it comes to planning your marketing, you can get creative.

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Sensory integration

Although visual appearance is important, it’s essential that you don’t disregard the other factors which could make your mailshot appear more attractive to your target market.

Things you could consider include laminated finishes, varnishes and blocks of foil to help your mailshot stand out from the rest of the letters and advertising material. When you integrate sensory aspects into your mailshot, it becomes a very tactile experience, with customers drawn towards the way it feels.

Try different textures on your template as well as interactive features and it will impel your customers to open your mailshot. Sensory aspects are difficult to resist and will help your mailshot to reach the maximum number of people possible.

Creating a template

Although you might want to personalise the mailshot, you can still create a template which can be adapted to suit the circumstances.

Snappy sentences, an easy to read lay out and eye-catching headlines combined with the right colours and an interesting shape are a good basis for any mailshot you decide to send. At the end of the mailshot don’t forget to include a call to action and your contact details so the customer is left in no doubt about how to get in touch.

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