Direct Mail Services for Mail Order Companies

In a competitive market, mail order companies have to shout very loudly to be heard above the din of online retailers. Direct mail has been shown to be more effective than email marketing. A Canon trial revealed that a 500% higher response rate can be achieved just by adding:

  • a person’s name
  • full colour imagery and
  • using sophisticated database fields

Mail order companies will benefit from direct mail

Direct mail or email?

With information overload being cited by 70% of the UK according to Digital Doughnut, it’s important to grab the attention of your audience and hold it long enough for them to read your marketing materials. Colourful inserts really help to ensure that customers can get to know your brand.

Here are some statistics comparing email and direct mail:

  • 74 trillion emails are sent every year in comparison to 13.8 billion letters, so the email market is a much more crowded one.
  • Only 44% of people receiving email marketing compared with 77% remember receiving direct marketing emails.
  • Direct mail also generates 34% new customers when compared with emails 24%.
  • Consumers are 79% more likely to act immediately when they receive direct mail than when they receive an email.

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Engage your customers with direct mail

Using oversized envelopes has been found to increase response rates by 6.6%, these can be effective if you have bulky mail inserts in the form of catalogues, leaflets or product information. Postcards also rate highly at 5.7% response rates and less, so do letter-sized envelopes at 4.3%. This being the case, consumers will pay much more attention to tangible direct mail. So, if you are a mail order company and need your customers to see your products and act, then using a direct mail campaign, is going to really give you the edge. Our mailing house can create an effective direct mail campaign which will keep your products visible and win you more customers.

Fast Cost-Efficient Service

We have the ability to run a well oiled direct marketing campaign to get your brochures, catalogues and personalised inserts out to your customers as quickly as possible. We can reduce the lag times of printing, producing and packing your inserts because our machinery can handle huge print volumes. Our folding machines are exceptionally fast at automatically and professionally folding your marketing mail so that they arrive in perfect condition with your customers. Our machines fold neatly, whether this is in concertina fold, punched or spiral bound which is important when you want your business to make a great impression.

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We’ve been running successful direct mail campaigns for decades, so if you want the benefit of our employee’s expertise and experience, then look no further than bakergoodchild to boost your direct mail conversions. We can advise you on the best way to organise your direct mail campaign and how to fold and print your inserts so that your customers are more likely to read them. Call us today on 0800 612 1972 and let us talk you through how you can run your next direct mailing campaign.


Image Credit: Open Clipart

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