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Mailshot Conversion Rates – What to Expect

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Direct mail may seem like an outdated way to connect with your customers, but you may be surprised to discover that it’s the channel that many say they prefer.

One study revealed that as many as 83% of people said they would rather receive a piece of physical mail than an email.

But there are many more reasons why a mailshot can be a very successful marketing tool; here is some information about the statistics of the level of conversion and engagement you can expect from your investment.

The reasons why a mailshot works

Although the modern world is often described as the digital age, there are lots of reasons why a mailshot is more successful than other marketing channels.

39% of homes have an area which is set aside for mail, with 23% of mail received shared with other members of the family. Studies suggest that advertising mail is typically kept for 17 days, a substantial length of time and certainly long enough for action to be taken.

Of the direct mail which was received, 92% was opened by the intended recipient. The reason for this is manifold. According to the research, a mailshot is valued far more, with direct mail scoring higher than email amongst those surveyed in the following areas:

  • Providing a better impression of the company
  • Taking the campaign more seriously
  • Making the customer feel much more valued

Amongst the other comments received was the observation that it was preferable to receive a mailshot which could be physically touched and held rather than just being able to view on a screen.

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Neurological testing was also carried out and the findings showed that compared to email, direct mail scored more highly for:

  • Emotional intensity
  • Long term memory
  • Brain engagement

What conversion rates you can expect

All of the above might sound good and even more interesting when you discover that internet giants such as Google are still using direct mail despite their online presence. However it’s the return on the investment which is where the statistics are the most interesting to companies.

In a direct comparison between a mailshot and online, for every £1 spent the following results could be gained:

  • ROI for online marketing spending: £3.12
  • ROI for direct mail marketing spending: £3.22

The figures speak for themselves and show that ROI is far better from a mailshot campaign than online. These figures can be hiked even higher by cleaning your database and making sure that there aren’t any deceased clients or anyone who has gone away. A quick data cleansing exercise could provide real cost benefits in terms of spend versus your ROI.

Other interesting facts from mailshot campaigns include:

  • 92% went online as a result of a mailshot
  • 86% got in touch with a business
  • 87% went on to make an online purchase
  • 43% downloaded information relating to the company
  • 54% connected with the business on social media
  • 48% said that they took action of some kind resulting from the direct mail they received

Make your mailshot count

The potential conversion rate from your mailshot is impressive and certainly far superior to other channels in isolation. However, the return depends on the quality of the data you hold and how good your mailshot is.

Baker Goodchild can help in both of those areas, get in touch today to see how we could help you with data cleansing and managing your direct mail campaign.

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