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Postcards – Proven to be an Effective Direct Mail Technique

In News by Alan Horton

There are many types of marketing techniques available to savvy business owners on the market. From social media marketing to sending letters, we’re sure you’re well aware of the various approaches you can take. But did you know that postcards are one of the most effective direct mail techniques too?

Sending direct mail in the form of postcards

We commonly associate postcards with little things we send back from our holidays to our families to keep them happy and up-to-date with our travels. Many don’t know that they can contribute to a successful direct mail marketing campaign too.

Postcards can be used in a direct mail campaign for various reasons, but this will generally be done to draw in the reader’s attention and inform them of your activities.

What are the benefits of using postcards for your direct mail campaign?

You can use postcards in clever ways when it comes to direct mail campaigns and they offer many benefits to businesses. As they are sent without envelopes, you have a chance to make your postcards stand out from among the pile of boring white envelopes every other piece of direct mail comes in!

There’s no rule on what you can’t do with postcards here. Want to splash bright colours everywhere? Go for it. Fancy planting a big picture on the front that will be sure to grab your reader’s gaze? Do it!

As well as grabbing someone’s attention quickly, you can also make postcards personalised too with targeted content. A common example is businesses sending direct mail postcards with “15% OFF!” printed across the front on products they know their receiver likes.

Other benefits that postcards offer to direct mail campaigns is that they are easy to make and are extremely economical to print. The only drawback is that you’ll be limited on how much content you can produce on a postcard, but the upside to this is that it means you can run multiple postcard direct mail campaigns each year.

Some examples of using postcards for direct mail campaigns are:

  • Thank You Cards
  • Special Offers
  • Reminders
  • Announcements

Find out more about postcard direct mail from bakergoodchild

Here at bakergoodchild we’ve been running direct mail campaigns with postcards for years, including internationally. If you want to hear more on how we can help your business with this form of direct mail, simply give us a call.


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