You may want to mail out university prospectuses internationally to attract potential students

International University Prospectus Mailing

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Want to know more about university prospectuses and the international mailing services involved with these? We have covered everything that you’ll need to know in the article below.

What are university prospectuses?

University prospectuses contain everything that a prospective student might need to know about a university. These prospectuses are not typically sent out to just anyone, instead to those that have requested one or registered their interest with a university.

Why might you need to send out a university prospectus internationally?

Deciding where to go for a choice of university is a huge choice for a student, especially as it can determine the rest of their future. Faced with so much choice and normally at a young age, it can be hard to choose between dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of different factors.

The below are some of the reasons you may wish to mail university prospectuses out internationally:

  • The UK relies on international students. Whether this is to bring a different viewpoint, help to boost the economy or to bolster the UK’s image as a welcoming country, international students are highly sought after by UK universities
  • University prospectuses are generally mailed internationally at no cost to the student, and so are a great way for you to market your university to a potential student without incurring any cost for them
  • Potential international students may not have easy access or a simple understanding of a UK version of a website, so a clearly laid out prospective can be a great way for them to find what they are looking for quickly

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International university prospectus mailing with bakergoodchild

There are hundreds of universities around the world, offering dozens of different courses and all with their own unique reason for joining. Bakergoodchild has been involved in printing millions of items over a course of over 20 years, so we know what it means to make an impact with personalised international mail.

bakergoodchild are on hand to help you print your university prospectuses efficiently and quickly, and with the personalised touch that ensures you get the feel of your university over to prospective students in the right way.

Alongside this we will ensure that you keep your university prospectuses as light as possible to save on costs, while maintaining a high level of quality.

Finally, we can help to print and package your items, making sure that they are ready to be sent off to students from around the world.

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