International Mailing Services

International mail services

International direct mail specialist:
Bakergoodchild has a particular expertise in the international mail delivery of bulk mail, packets and parcels. Every day, businesses throughout the UK have total peace of mind, knowing their customers will reliably receive their international direct mail campaign (+1000 mail or parcels items) on time.

We can also handle international campaigns targeting the UK customer base and help to advise on contact data, print, mail fulfilment and postage.

Why use bakergoodchild:
Our International mailing services will provide you with savings in time and money over you managing campaigns in-house or using separate services (printing, fulfilment, postage).

Bakergoodchild has an extensive logistics network in place that allows us to provide an efficient international mail service.

We also provide printing, data management, fulfilment and storage services.

With over a decade of experience in global mailing services, we can help you manage any type of mailshot, whether its important documents or key campaign literature.

Direct mailing specifications below:

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Direct Mail

A straightforward ‘one delivery, two speed’ service utilised by many of our customers, who are reaching out to new international markets around the world. bakergoodchild has an extensive network of global partners and an expert UK based team, to provide you with effective and efficient solutions for delivering your direct mail, to over 200 countries around the world. Every day, we work with retailers, eCommerce, leading brands and many B2B & B2C businesses, delivering their brochures, newsletters, catalogues and promotions to thousands of addresses.

Benefits & specifications


  • You are not restricted to how many items
  • Delivering goods from 2kg up to 30kg
  • There is no minimum item weight
  • We will accept both unsorted and sorted mail
  • Collection service available
  • Uncomplicated, straightforward ‘one delivery, two speed’ delivery service

Standard Service

EU Countries: 4-5 working days

Non EU: 10-15 working days

United States: 15-20 working days

Rest of World: 15-20 working days

Priority Service

EU Countries: 2-3 working days

Non EU: 5-6 working days

United States: 5-12 working days

Rest of World: 5-12 working days

Packet Solutions

A number of our online retailer and business customers regularly send international small parcels, up to 2kg in weight (about the size of a shoe box). bakergoodchild offers a straightforward, 3 option, flexible service to suit your individual requirements.

Benefits & specifications


  • Essential Service

    A cost-effective, reliable, no frills delivery service for packets up to 2kg in weight. Perfect for less valuable items.

  • Tracked Service

    A fast, reliable, fully tracked service for total peace of mind.

  • Prime Service

    A fast, reliable, fully tracked service with an additional ‘signed for’ requirement and compensation in the event of loss or damage. Perfect for high value items.

What's the cost?

It really depends on a number of factors, including weight, collection addresses and destinations, volumes and frequency on volumes, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight and destination. Please contact our customer service team who can advise you of costs.

I'm in, what do I do now

  1. Does your packet meet the size and weight restriction?

    Max. size: 90 cm (length + width + height)

    Max. length: 60 cm

    Max. weight: 2 kg

  2. Is the packet prepared and addressed correctly, with the correct logo and barcode (where necessary?

  3. Have you got the right documentation?

    For international deliveries outside the EU, you need to fill out a customs form. Use a CN 22 form if the total value of your shipment is less than €425 euros.

  4. Are you now ready to hand over your packet?

    This depends on your location, so please contact us for further help.

Parcel Solutions

Many of our online retailer and business customers regularly send international parcels up to 30 kg. bakergoodchild has two options to suit each customer requirement.

Benefits & specifications


  • Parcel Direct

    A fully tracked service, where we take advantage of our international parcel network of 'best in class' partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your parcel.

  • Parcel Express

    A courier service which is our fastest delivery option for the delivery of urgent parcels. Again, we utilise our tried and tested international courier service.

The bakergoodchild advantage

A UK based service provider with a Global Reach, the bakergoodchild range of international direct mail, packet parcel delivery solutions allows you to select from a range of services, including how they are shipped, the level of tracking required and ultimately, reduce the cost.

  • Based in the Midlands, our extensive warehousing facilities allows us to undertake all operations from one facility, improving efficiency and cost control.
  • A knowledgeable, expert team who are familiar with the often confusing customs routes and export procedures, giving you total peace of mind.
  • Simplified customs clearance rates for all mail and parcels up to 2kg.
  • Costs based upon weight bands, starting as low as 100g and rising up to 30kg.
  • Complementary tracking platform so that you can keep up to date with the progress of your delivery.
  • Costs based upon weight bands, starting as low as 100g and rising up to 30kg.

International Services FAQs

Direct Mail

How many items can I send?

There are no restrictions here, we have extensive warehousing facilities so can accommodate large scale campaigns whilst retaining our efficiency and cost control.

Do you have a priority service?

Yes, we run a standard and priority service. Take a look at the web page for more information on the lead times for both services.

Do you offer a collection service?

Yes, of course. We’re based in the Midlands so can get to all locations. Costs are based upon location, weight and frequency.

Packet Solutions

What constitutes a packet?

It’s a small parcel, about the size of a shoe box and up to 2kg in weight.

Do you have various service options?

Yes, depending on your requirements, we have 3 options of Essential, Tracked and Prime Service for items of real value.

How much does it cost?

Depends on a number of factors, including weight, collection address, volumes and frequency.

Parcel Solutions

Which countries do you deliver to?

Over 200 countries worldwide.

Do you have international partners?

Yes, we take full advantage of our international parcel network for ‘best in class’ partners to ensure timely, efficient delivery.

“International markets have never been more accessible than now for direct mail campaigns. Our customers are witnessing real, sustained conversions from targeting a variety of global countries in their quest for increasing sales and ultimately profits.”

Bruce Thomson, CEO bakergoodchild

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