International Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is one of the most efficient ways to reach potential customers and win new business, whether that is within the UK or further afield. Here at bakergoodchild, we’ve been a mailing house specialist since 1995, so know everything there is to know when it comes to international direct mail services.

Why use direct mail internationally?

The first question on your mind may be why you should send direct mail internationally over such long distances, when you could send a quicker and cheaper email? There are two main reasons why direct mail is the more prevalent option, even if you are planning to reach the far corners of the globe.

Firstly, you can be more inventive with direct mail. Emails will always look like emails. Sure you can use coloured font, bold text or find different ways to write the content, but it still looks like an email.

With direct mail, you can send letters, create eye-catching postcards, or even send useful and informative brochures or catalogues. There are several options available to you to help catch your reader’s attention much quicker.

Secondly, direct mail is much more likely to get opened. The latest email stats show that only an average of around 20% of emails get opened across all industries, with an average click rate once in the email of only around 3%. This is compared to the huge 98% of people that check their direct mail daily. There’s no guarantee they’ll convert, but at least you have almost 100% of people reading your direct mail.

While the costs may be higher to produce direct mail than an email, if direct mail yields better returns, then these returns outweighs the costs.

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Factors to consider when using international direct mail services

These are some things to consider when sending your direct mail internationally.

Varying country laws

Different countries see direct marketing and direct mail in different ways. Generally, direct mail is seen favourably whereas direct marketing via email is occasionally outlawed, but it is still important to check a country’s opinion to direct mail.

World Zones

Royal Mail splits the world up into four World Zones, which changes the delivery times and costs depending on where you want to send your direct mail.

Number of items, weight and size

As well as the World Zones, the number of items, shape and weight will affect the delivery times and cost of your direct mail campaigns. For a more specific, tailored quote, please call one of our consultants on 0800 612 1972.

Different types of international direct mail services

There are a huge variety of types of direct mail you can send, such as:

Each will serve a different purpose and impact your customer in a different way, so it’s important to think about the result you are trying to achieve.

Getting help with international direct mail services

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