International Catalogues Mailing

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There are many different types of catalogues available, and consumers still like to receive this type of mail. In fact, catalogues are seen as one of the more useful types of direct mail. In our article below we have explained more on this type of international mailing service and how bakergoodchild can assist you with this.

What is catalogue mail?

A catalogue is a complete list of items, usually organised in alphabetical or category order. They are used to easily and clearly display exactly what a company or business is offering, and are an extremely useful way for a consumer to quickly find exactly what it is that they are looking for.

What type of catalogue mail is internationally mailed?

The below are examples of different types of catalogue mail that may be sent out using an international mail service:

  • Mail order catalogue – a mail order catalogue is a catalogue containing a list of all the available merchandise from a particular company. One famous example of a mail order catalogue is the Argos catalogue
  • Parts catalogue – this type of catalogue contains various illustrations and parts numbers for their varying products. This would be useful for an industry such as the automotive industry
  • Trade catalogues – generally, a trade catalogue is printed by a retailing, manufacturing or wholesaling firm, and promotes sales through advertising, testimonials, and descriptions of sales products
  • Auction catalogue – a catalogue containing a list of items to be sold at an auction
Contact our team - click here.

Contact our team – click here.

How bakergoodchild can help with your international catalogues mailing

Each and every catalogue will be different, and we know that it is important that your consumers feel that they have been delivered personalised and targeted mail, wherever they may be in the world.

Our efficient and automated machines will ensure that your catalogues will be printed quickly and to a high level of quality, no matter how thick your catalogue may be. We’ve worked on numerous international catalogue mailing campaigns in the past and can help you with the planning and personalisation of your items.

We can also help with optimising the dimensions of your catalogue, ensuring it is kept as lightweight as possible while not losing anything when it comes to quality.

We have well-established relationships with partners from around the world, so can always be sure to secure you the best prices and the quickest delivery times.

How else can bakergoodchild help?

International catalogue mailing is just one such way that we can assist you, directories can be mailed in a similar way. We also work with international political mailing, international business report mailing, university prospectus mailing, invoices and statements mailing, annual and interim accounts mailing and international business postcards mailing, among other services.

If you have need of international mailing services, bakergoodchild is well placed to reach every corner of the globe. Simply give us a call today on 0800 612 1972, or fill out one of our contact forms here, and we would be more than happy to ensure your mailing campaign goes smoothly and successfully.

Contact our team to find out more - click here.

Contact our team to find out more – click here.