International Invoicing and Statements Mailing

Below we at bakergoodchild have put together an article detailing everything you’ll need to know when it comes to international invoicing and statements mailing.

What is invoicing mailing and statements mailing?

Invoices and statements are two different types of accounting documents that are commonly mailed, whether this is nationally or internationally (hub), as many customers like to keep this kind of document safely on paper.

Invoices are sent by a supplier or business to show a list of items that has been purchased, how much each item costs, and the total cost of all of the items together. This will show the receiver how much they owe the sender, and also when payment is expected by.

A statement, on the other hand, lists all of the amounts that are owed on past invoices by the receiver up to a specific date. There is no limit on how many past invoices may be referenced in a statement.

Why might you need to send invoices and statements using international mailing services?

There are a few reasons as to why you may want to use international invoicing and statements mailing services:

  • As mentioned above, many people treat documents such as these as highly sensitive, and don’t like having them sent electronically
  • People have a higher response rate to direct mail, so while your invoices and statements might take longer to reach your customers, they are likely to take action quicker
  • Many people’s inboxes get quickly flooded with emails, and you can rest easy knowing that a customer has received your invoice if sent by letter
  • Invoices and statements that are mailed using international mailing services can be regarded as being more formal than an email, and given that the nature of these documents is more formal, it is perhaps more appropriate

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International invoicing and statements mailing from bakergoodchild

bakergoodchild are well placed to help you with your international invoicing and statements mailing. Established in 1995, we have been handling important and time-sensitive documents for many years.

Whether you need to send out a few local invoices or are looking to send out thousands of invoices and statements worldwide, we at bakergoodchild have built up the relationships and partners around the world to have your mail delivered securely, safely and efficiently.

Alongside the international invoicing and statements mailing services that we provide, bakergoodchild can also help you with:

  • Planning and preparing how you would like to send your invoices and statements
  • Printing all of your invoices and statements
  • Personalising your items, should you need this
  • Finalising your items with folding and packaging

Having been operating for over 20 years, we know how to treat your international invoicing and statements mailing with the care that it requires.

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