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Directories are ever-popular and are still mailed out from the UK to many international destinations each year. Here we explore the variety of directories and how bakergoodchild can help your business to manage their distribution internationally.

What is a directory?

A directory is simply a comprehensive listing of private individuals or businesses that are published usually in an alphabetical order in often quite large directory formats. There is still a strong demand for directories, in particular specialist directories for niche trades and skills. Sometimes directories are also published regionally, i.e. by town/city or county.

What types of directories are mailed internationally?

The following are all examples of types of directories which could be sent using international mailing services:

  • Business or Trade directory – This is a specialist directory for a given business or trade, examples could include legal directories (e.g. Chambers and Legal 500), classic cars and hobbies (e.g. antiques and philately)
  • Importers / Exporters directories – For businesses looking for international contacts, importers and exporters directories provide a ready stream of potential new contacts
  • Charities and NGO directories – These directories provide information about charities and NGO’s (national governmental organisations)
  • Phone directories – Yellow pages and Thomson Local are the most well-known phone directories. These are still distributed internationally and provide details of businesses by sector along with contact details
  • Others – the above are just a snapshot of directory types, there are many others types of directories which could also be mailed

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International directories mailing from bakergoodchild

bakergoodchild specialise in the supply of a variety of international mailing services, this includes the distribution and print of directories. Our business has significant experience in international directory mailing projects and can assist your organisation whatever your requirements are.

Due to the number of entries contained within directories can often be heavy, we can help your organisation to save money on all aspects of the campaign, including:

  • Dimensions optimisation – The dimensions of the mailing (height, length and breadth) will be all-important in determining the final price
  • Lightweight material – Print on as lightweight a printing material, whilst also retaining the quality of the mailing
  • Mail sorting – By sorting of mail into approved routes by international mailing providers, significant discounts can be achieved (compared to non-sorted mail)
  • Postage costs savings – saving money on postage through our contracts we have in place with numerous mailing providers
  • Print – As well as optimising the material, substantial savings on printing a directory can be achieved to reduce overall international directory mailing campaign costs

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Directories are just one example of our specialist international mailing services. Here at Baker Goodchild we can also manage the entire process for the mailing of accountancy documents, letters and postcards, prospectuses (e.g. for college and university), business reports, catalogues, annual and interim accounts, political mailing campaigns as well as other services too.

Why not call bakergoodchild today on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your international mailing requirements? One of our international mailing consultants will be happy to help and provide a tailored solution for your international mailing needs.



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