International Business Postcards Mailing

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Bakergoodchild has been mailing dozens of different items internationally for over two decades. One such item that we can help you to mail is business postcards. In the below article we have explained international business postcards mailing in more detail.

What are business postcards?

Business postcards are very similar to normal postcards that are sent out in terms of size and personalisation, but they have a marketing or advertising purpose attached behind them.

Normal postcards are used to inform the receiver of the activities of the sender, and are sent without an envelope. Business postcards are the same, and will inform the receiver of an activity that the business has going on.

What are the different types of business postcards that can be mailed internationally?

The below are examples of business postcards that may be sent out using international mailing services:

  • Thank you – perhaps you want to thank your customer in a more personal way than through an email. Thank you postcards are commonly used for this
  • Event invites – many businesses invite customers to special events, such as launch parties, and business postcards are a great way to do this
  • Attention-grabbing – it’s a fact that customers are more likely to respond to physical, direct mail, so a business postcard can be a great way to get a customer’s attention rather than using an email

Business postcards can be a great way to make your direct mail stand out amongst other letters.

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Using bakergoodchild to help with international business postcards mailing

If you’re sending business postcards, then the chances are that you are looking to add a personal touch to your direct mailing campaign for your consumers. Many businesses resort to emails or letters, but business postcards have a great chance of getting noticed more as the added colour and customisation options can make them stand out amongst crowded mail.

Bakergoodchild has been helping businesses to deliver personalised mail since 1995; we know what will stick in your customer’s minds and what won’t. We can help you with the planning of your campaign, the printing of your business cards, the final packaging and, of course, the international mailing too.

As you will be sending thin postcards that don’t require envelopes your costs will already be lower, but bakergoodchild have strong relationships with mailing partners from around the world, meaning we can always get you the very best deals on the market.

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bakergoodchild have been assisting dozens of businesses for many years in helping to mail over two million items around the world. As well as business postcards, we have also helped to mail university prospectuses, financial reports and statements, annual and interim accounts, business reports, directories, product catalogues and more.

If you think that the services described above may be of use for a mailing campaign that you had planned, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss this further. You can contact us here, or give us a call on 0800 612 1972.


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