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Political Direct Mail

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In this article, we focus on international political direct mailing services, what they are and how bakergoodchild can help with your future requirements.

What is political mail?

Political direct mail is simply mail which has some type of political purpose behind its mailing. This could be mailing information relating to elections and candidates, political party information, referendum information, etc. Even in the Internet Age, there is still a heavy amount of political mailings which are posted each and every year.

What type of political mail is sent internationally?

The following are all examples of political mail which could be sent internationally:

  • Election materials – A whole range of election materials can be mailed. Although most of these are in the country, some could be sent internationally to media and the ex-pat community who may have a postal or internet vote
  • Manifestos – Party manifestos tend to be sent before a forthcoming election and are an important policy document, which many interested parties would like to read
  • Newsletters – Political parties and organisations send out newsletters on a semi-regular basis, usually monthly or quarterly, but also possibly weekly or maybe once/twice per year
  • Promotional mail – Political mail of a promotional nature includes promoting a political cause or ideology and could be in a variety of formats (e.g. postcard, flyer, letter, etc.)
  • Information leaflets – General literature to raise political awareness

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How can bakergoodchild help with international political direct mail?

As a leading UK-based supplier of UK and international mailing services, bakergoodchild are ideally placed to fulfil all of your international political mailing requirements. We have worked on numerous personalised political mailing campaigns in the past; this knowledge will be made fully available to enhance your campaign and perfectly time the moment when your mail arrives on the recipient’s doorstep.

To bakergoodchild “mail is mail” and we can provide a full turnkey solution to meet all of your requirements including a dedicated Account Manager, design support, print, direct mail fulfilment and arranging low-cost international postage.

Saving money on international mailings

Postage costs alone are well worth contacting bakergoodchild for, we have access to the best postage discounts which could save your organisation hundreds if not thousands of £££s. In addition optimising the mailer weight and size could also have implications on campaign costs, we can advise in these areas too.

We can also verify the quality of your international data prior to distribution to save money on goneaways and mailing deceased people, etc.

Get in touch

Don’t forget that political mailings is just one of our international mailing offerings, we can also provide services for the mailing of directories and catalogues, postcardsannual and interim accounts, accountancy documents, university prospectuses, business reports and more.

If you would like to learn more about how our international political direct mail service can help please do get in touch with our experts here at bakergoodchild. Call us today on 0800 612 1972 and we will be glad to assist with your enquiries.



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