International Annual and Interim Accounts Mailing

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In the article below, we at bakergoodchild have explained international annual and interim accounts mailing services, what these are, and how we are ready to assist you with this type of international mailing service.

What are annual and interim accounts mail?

Annual account mail and interim account mail are two different types of financial statements, which are themselves a summary of each financial activity for a company over a specific period. These statements are used by all companies to assess the performance of the business over that time frame, to help plan for the period moving forward, and are also necessary for shareholders and the tax offices.

Annual account mail will hold a financial statement over a long period and will be sent out once a year. There is no set time frame on how long an annual account statement could be.

Interim account mail, on the other hand, is a financial statement covering a much smaller time frame, generally just a month or a quarter of a business’ performance.

Annual and interim account reports are two types of financial statements that you may wish to send out internationally

What types of annual and interim accounts are mailed internationally?

There won’t be hugely varied types of annual accounts and interim accounts that are mailed out. However, the information contained within the financial statement may differ depending on who the receiver is.

Annual and interim accounts mail will contain such information as:

  • Shareholder reports
  • The profits or turnover of the company that year
  • The losses that the company made
  • A balance statement or cash flow report

It must also be noted that as interim accounts reports are sent out in a much quicker fashion, they are generally unaudited, and the receiver must be made aware of this clearly.

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How bakergoodchild can help you with your international annual and interim accounts mailing

There are various ways that bakergoodchild can help you when it comes to your international annual and interim accounts mailing. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, when it comes to the information contained within these documents, you’ll want to use a company that can handle delicate and sensitive information with the level of discretion required.

Alongside this, we are ready to assist you with every other stage of your mailing tasks, from planning and printing your financial statements, to packaging them and adding a final personal touch should it be needed.

We know that annual and interim reports can be crucial to the success of a business, and we can ensure that we get your documents mailed around the world quickly. This will all be without incurring a large cost that you’d have to include on the financial statements!

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