Transactional Invoicing and Printing Mailing Services

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Invoices are a key part of any business and play an essential role in keeping said business running smoothly. Below we have explained a little more on invoices, some interesting stats that you may not have known, as well as how we can help with printing and mailing.

The invoicing market

Invoices, also sometimes referred to as bills, are commercial documents send by a business to another business or an individual, confirming a recent transaction and requesting the money associated with that transaction. They fall into the realm of transactional mail; mail which is sent to a customer primarily after a recent transaction, and less frequently for promotional or marketing means.

The use of paper statements and invoices has declined in recent years, in line with the rise of digital platforms and the ability to use e-documents. However, it appears that old habits die hard, and it’s clear that many people still like to receive paper statements. In fact, 69% of companies in Germany that receive e-invoices still print them off anyway!

Further still, customers who receive paper statements and invoices are twice as likely to be able to manage their finances properly, which is directly compared to the only 32% of people who can do so via online statements.

Still, some businesses and individuals have moved to online invoices to cut down on costs, but there are clearly benefits for paper invoices, and they are still widely used around the world.

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The benefits of transactional invoicing and printing and mailing services

Transactional mail in itself has many benefits. Using modern day tools like variable data printing, your invoices can be printed with high levels of personalisation, but at double quick speed, to include varied images, charts or text. You can also utilise transactional mail across multiple channels, meaning it can be used with online platforms too.

We have found that transactional mail can improve efficiency and response times due to the increased level of personalisation, as well as the higher response times to paper statements. 98% of people check through their direct mail daily, meaning that they act upon it quicker.

There are also many benefits of using a mailing house for your mail fulfilment needs too. In one study that was conducted of over 500 people, it was found that 57% of invoices received were just on a loose slip of paper, and 54% of invoices were sent to the wrong address.

By using a mailing house, such as our own, we can ensure that your databases are clean and mail is reaching the right address. Furthermore, invoices have to be sent by first class mail, meaning you can guarantee safe delivery.

By making use of well-established relationships here in Birmingham, further throughout the UK, and even abroad, we can offer you the fastest delivery times and the most competitive rates. We can even help with printing and mailing your invoices abroad too.

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