You can combine transactional mail with multiple forms of communications

Multi-Channel Communications with Transactional Mail

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Multi-channel communications are an important tool for engaging with customers, rather than just sending them information over and over again. We’ve explained more on multi-channel communications below, and how you can combine this with transactional mail.

What are multi-channel communications?

Multi-channel communications are, as the name may suggest, a way of communicating over multiple channels. This may include channels such as direct mail, email and social media. The most important reason for using multi-channel communications is that it gives the customer the choice of how they want to communicate with you.

We’re living more and more in an age where the customer decides what they want and when they want it, taking a lot of the control out of the hands of businesses. By only allowing the customer one method of communication, you could be severely limiting the number of customers who will respond to you.

Multi-channel communication also offers you different ways to market to your customers. Any effective marketing strategy involves multiple fronts and angles, and this is no less when it comes to different methods of communication.


You may initially connect with the customer through transactional mail, but by offering them alternative routes and options, you can find new ways to engage with your audience and sell your products.

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How can you use multi-channel communications with transactional mail?

There are a few ways that you can integrate multi-channel communications into your transactional mail, and we have explored these in more detail below:

Email and phone number

One of the most obvious methods is to ensure that you leave an email and phone number address on the transactional mail. If there is an immediate problem, these tend to be the two mediums that customers use to get back in contact with a company; they rarely use letters unless they have to.

Personalised links

You can personalise your transactional mail by including things such as QR codes or PURLs in your transactional mail. These can be targeted to certain customers, and could even include special deals tailored for them. You can also track the click-through rate and purchase rate, so it’s a great way to collect and manage data too.

Including social media links

Including links to your social media channels is always a great idea with transactional mail too. It’s estimated that around 2.34 billion people use social media, so this is a huge audience that is worth capturing.

App downloads

Do you have a corresponding app for your business? Encouraging people to download it gives customers just another way that they can interact and engage with your business.

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