Trends in Transactional Print and Mail

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As with any industry or sector, transactional print and mail remains in a constant state of flux, having to adapt to new technologies, changing laws and new best practices. In this article, we’ve provided a snapshot of some of the recent trends in transactional print and mail.

A steady decline in transactional mail and print

We are in a strange situation where the number of letters being sent has been steadily declining over the last few years, making way for electronic documents, emails and social media instead. This situation is strange because 98% of people still check their direct mail and transactional mail daily, while you can only expect around a 20% open rate for emails. This is strange because more people respond to physical mail, and yet its figures are declining.

A market and technology research company conducted a study into transactional mail in Europe, and found that the number of transactional mail being printed and mailed is likely to decrease over the next few years by about 3%. However, they expect this to level off after these few years.

The point being made here is that while numbers are slightly declining, transactional mail will always be used, and still remains a more impactful piece of mail than its electronic alternatives. This is especially true with the various ways of adding a personalised touch to this type of mail and that transactional mail can be combined with multiple channels of communication.

The same study said that they believed that transactional mail volume will actually decline quicker than the actual transactional print volume, as companies are well aware of the high open rates. This means it is expected that transactional mail will contain more marketing and promotional information than has been seen previously.

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Transactional mail for print and business still alive and strong

The above figures and the above study, like many of the studies conducted on this field, can be somewhat misleading. Generally, the studies look at total transactional mail and printing volumes, rather than separate them out into categories.

It was found that while total transactional print and mail volumes have decreased slowly over the years, transactional print and mail for business is a lot more stabilised, and is perhaps seeing a period of growth instead.

While it’s clear that the market needs better data, this shows that businesses are still well aware of the value of transactional print and mail.

Colour trends

Of all transactional mail that was printed in 2015, it was found that 54% was full colour, 43% was black and 3% was highlighted colour. While the market is fairly split between colour or black, we always recommend including colour in your transactional print and mail.

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