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Using Transactional Mail to Deliver Targeted Brand Communication

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Transactional mail is primarily used to communicate with a customer regarding a recent or upcoming transaction, and not for promotional purposes. However, savvy companies and brands have found ways to merge the two different types of direct mail, delivering important transactional information while also adding a personal touch too. We’ve discussed how this can be done below.

What is targeted brand communication?

This is any communication that you send out that is used to bridge the gap between your brand and your target audience. This may be to acquire new customers or to continue building your relationships with existing ones.

Targeted brand communication is done to increase the number of sales, reduce waste and cost, and to help build your brand. It will take longer to research and compose than standard forms of communication, but the ROI is much greater when that personal touch is added. In fact, we found that a huge 98% of people find that personalisation in the direct mail that they receive is very important, leading to a higher response rate.

As previously mentioned, transactional mail isn’t primarily used in order to promote, and so a response rate isn’t generally the metric that is used to determine the success of a particular piece.

However, any mailshots that you send out represent your brand and its image, and transactional mail is built around targeted data, so it makes sense to merge these two factors together.

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How can this be done?

To send out transactional mail such as invoices, thank you notes or renewals, your databases must contain existing information and data on customers. You can use this data to your advantage to help target them with specific information and brand communication.

It doesn’t have to be complex; just a small amount of personalisation can go a long way in customer retention and sales. Using variable data printing, mailing houses such as our own are able to print thousands of pieces of mail that all contain a different message, at the same speed as if they all contained the same message.

This means that not only are speeds kept the same for businesses, but it also results in a cost-effective and efficient system too. We can also help with data management too right at the very beginning of the process. Variable data printing only works effectively if it has correct data to run off, and we can help you to gather this data, as well as clean up your existing databases, to deliver better-targeted communication.

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You may be familiar with the quote “always be closing” – a speech which refers to a sales strategy where you should constantly be selling. Although it has become something of a catchphrase, the strategy behind it remains robust, and regardless of the communication that your business sends out, you should always be thinking about what message it sends about your brand.

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