Millennials love direct mail

Millennials and Their Love for Direct Mail

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Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the group of people born between the periods of roughly 1982 to 2004. This means that they are more prevalent with their use of sending tweets and using hashtags for marketing rather than direct mail, right? Millennials actually have a great love for direct mail. We’ve explored this in more detail below.

The phone generation

Unfortunately for millennials, they’re known as the generation of social media and “being glued to their phones”. It’s thought that if you can’t reach a millennial through their phone, then you’ll never reach them.

The fact of the matter is millennials have grown up quicker than our perceptions of them have changed. Many millennials are now as old as 36, with many of these being married. They aren’t kids glued to their phones anymore.


While it’s true millennials will own more devices than the older generations, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t open to other forms of communication too.

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Direct mail and millennials

It is true that as a business you need an effective online presence and digital marketing solution; without this it can be easy to fall behind in a crowded marketplace. But companies that drop a direct mail strategy will find that they begin to slip behind in other areas too.

18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds, on average, respond to direct mail quicker than any other age group. Both age groups are also more likely to reply to a direct mail piece within a week quicker than any other generation.

Furthermore, 63% of millennials who responded to a direct mail piece within a three-month timeframe went on to make a purchase.

Cliff Rucker, the Vice-President of Sales at the United States Postal Service concluded

“Millennials are far more likely than non-Millennials to read and engage with direct mail.”

Surprised? Technology has made our lives much easier, but the figures still show that around 97% of people don’t click links sent to them in marketing emails, whereas 98% of people check their direct mail daily. This includes millennials.

Launching a direct mail campaign with bakergoodchild

If you plan to launch a direct mail campaign, it’s imperative that you don’t skip millennials as they are likely to be the most responsive to this form of marketing. For more information on direct mail campaigns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 612 1972.


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