Direct mail support for solicitors and law firms

Direct Mail Services for Solicitors and Law Firms

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The legal profession is a competitive landscape and securing new business can definitely pose challenges. A well “tried and tested” marketing tool used by many professionals in the legal industry is direct mail. We go on in this article to explore direct mail in the legal profession and how it can help your solicitors practice / law firm.

Direct mail – a powerful marketing tool for the legal profession

Solicitors and law firms can benefit directly from direct mail campaigns, read on to learn some of the benefits:

  • Legal compliance – direct mail when managed by a high-quality mailing house is fully legal! Recipients will be opted in, the mailing will fully comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1998 and the GDPR.
  • Geographical targeting – new/repeat business can be targeted for the exact geographic region required. So, if for example you are a national law firm, but want new business in Newcastle, then this could be specifically targeted. Equally a national or international campaign even could also be delivered through a direct mail campaign
  • Personalised approach – a direct mail piece can be highly personalised to a customer. If they have a trading history, personalised information could be included. Images relevant to their business could be added. A range of mailshot scripts could be created and used variably depending on various criteria relating to a customer
  • Profitable – direct mail campaigns when managed well are very profitable and provide high ROI levels. The overall campaign cost is very low when compared to the additional revenue of securing a new client

The above are just a few of the benefits, call us to explore additional benefits bakergoodchild can deliver to your legal practice.

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Integrated print, mail and postage for the legal profession

To take a campaign from an initial concept to the final mailing there will be three main areas, print, mail and postage. As a business, bakergoodchild can deliver this as an integrated approach – a “one stop shop” from start to finish.

  • Printing – work with bakergoodchild to manage the entire print process from concept, through design/artwork and to final print. Whatever type of printing you require we have an extensive range of printers, which will meet the demands for your print job. Our experts can advise on the best materials and print types to suit your campaign. Visit our print services page for further details
  • Mail fulfilment – the entire mail fulfilment process, would be managed by the mailing house. This includes a range of tasks such as preparation, folding, enclosing, packing and packaging, etc.
  • Postage / mailing – the final important phase is the postage / mailing phase of the project. We pre-sort all direct mail campaigns for maximum discounts. Here at bakergoodchild, we mail locally, nationally or worldwide. Save money on postal costs, don’t pay the standard rate, we have agreements in place to save you substantial sums of money.

Solicitor and law firms related transactional mail

Direct mail is promotional in nature and is used for marketing purposes. A mailing house like bakergoodchild though can also assist with the management of transactional mail items for solicitors and law firms.

Managing the print, fulfilment and postage phases as described above the entire process for transactions such as invoices and accountancy documents, user agreements, etc. can all be entirely managed within the mailing house.

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