What Options do I have When Using Bulk Mail?

Are you new to bulk mail, or considering taking a bulk mailing route with your marketing or mailing campaign? There are a few options and factors that you need to consider before you do this, and we’ve listed everything here below.

What types of items can I send by bulk mail?

There are a huge range of items that you can send using the handy bulk mailing system:


Your standard enveloped letter perhaps used to inform customers of recent changes to your business.


A catalogue displaying things such as your full product range; think the famous IKEA catalogue.


Like a mini catalogue, this is great for things such as local restaurant menus.


Useful marketing techniques for businesses, postcards are a great way of quickly capturing a reader’s attention.


Similar to brochures, but leaflets are generally more informative, perhaps being used by political parties to deliver a political message.


Great for institutions like universities to bulk mail out their university’s prospectus.

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Are there size and volume limits to my bulk mail?

Yes, there are size restrictions and volumes limits when it comes to sending bulk mail to attract the best discounts. As laid out by the Royal Mail, these are:

  • Small letters – these must be 240mm in length, 165mm in width, and 5mm in depth. And to qualify for a bulk mail discount, you must send over 20,000 pieces.
  • Larger letters – are described as 353mm in length, 250mm in width, and 25mm in depth. Also, to qualify for the bulk mailing discounts, you must send over 10,000 pieces.

How can I maximise my savings by using bulk mail?

To get the most out of your cost savings when using bulk mail, there are a few factors to consider beforehand:

  • Pre-sort your mail, ideally by postal address, allowing for a much smoother and more efficient delivery time
  • Make sure that all addressee information is correct
  • Use pre-paid methods for stamping and
  • Smaller and lighter pieces of bulk mail will offer a larger discount

An effective option; using a mailing house for your bulk mail

Your best option when it comes to getting the most out of bulk mailing services is to use a mailing house such as us here at bakergoodchild. Many of the points listed above can be handled by us effectively and efficiently, hugely reducing your own labour costs and the time it takes for your bulk mailing campaign to get going.

We can run a data cleanse on your database, ensuring all information is correct, as well as planning, printing, packaging and pre-sorting your mail correctly so it’s ready to send. As well as speeding up the agility of your campaign, we can also offer you even further discounts thanks to our strong relationships with mailing partners around the world.

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