Statement Printing and Mailing Services

If you’re a business, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need to be sending out statements to customers and clients. Please read on to find out more about our statement printing and mailing services.

What are statements?

These are a form of transactional mail which provides an overview of recent (usually) financial transactions with a customer. Many businesses make use of statements, and this type of mail generally consists of a breakdown of figures and numbers, giving a customer an overview of their account or recent orders.

One of the most common examples of statements is the monthly bank statements that we receive. Although paper bank statements and other financial documents have been declining in recent years as customers move to online and paperless versions, paper statements are still extremely popular.

Even in the financial sector, the sector which has arguably pushed the most for a move to paperless statements, they still realise the importance for paper versions. Over half of US adults aged 65 or older have no access to the internet, so paper is the only way businesses can communicate with these customers.

This is aside from the fact that a study found that 82% of customers were more likely to manage their finances correctly as compared to the 32% who received their financial statements online. And, furthermore, direct mail is 75% more memorable than emails.

Clearly, the benefits of both individuals and businesses using statements are clear. So, how can we at bakergoodchild help with your statement printing and mailing services?

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Our statement printing and direct mailing services

We’ll help to manage the whole of your statement printing and mailing process so that you don’t have to. Using a number of modern printing techniques, such as variable data printing, we provide a cost effective and efficient solution to all of our clients.

We can help print your statements, package them securely, and mail them out to all of your customers. We even offer international invoicing and statements mailing services for those that have customers slightly further afield.

By making use of good relationships, both in the UK and abroad, we are able to provide the quickest delivery times and the cheapest rates. We’ll ensure that all of your mail is clean and clear, with all of the financial information concise and easy to understand. This will ensure that your customers remain happy and head of their finances, which in turn will keep your business operating smoothly.

Let bakergoodchild help you today

If you are interested in our services, then we would love to help. Statements that are printed and mailed in the correct way can reduce the time that it takes for customers to act upon it, and we have both the experience and knowledge to make this happen.

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