Cheque Printing and Mailing Services

For many organisations, cheques are still a standard method of payment. It is convenient for organisations to procure a solution which prints the cheque and associated documentation whilst managing the mailing and postage in one integrated solution. In this article, we discuss integrated mailing solutions for payment by cheque.

Cheque statistics in the UK

Recent research by Cheque and Credit show that the market for cheques in the UK is still alive and very buoyant. We provide a highlight of some of their findings from 2017 here, click this link for further information:

  • Number of cheques issued per annum in the UK – 477 million
  • Value of cheques per annum issued in the UK – £551 billion
  • Average cheque value – £1,161

The above proves that cheques are still in active use and require solutions from organisations which use them.

Example applications of cheque printing solutions

There are many different applications for cheque printing and mailing solutions, listed below are just a few commonly used applications:

  • Benefits payments (e.g. housing benefit) – settle a range of benefits via cheque and mail with accompanying information
  • Employee expenses – settle expenses via a cheque and mail out with a remittance advice
  • Dividend payments – pay interim and final dividends to shareholders/investors and mail with supporting information
  • Insurance payouts – pay insurance claims and mail out with supporting information
  • Payroll disbursements – pay employees via cheque complete with a payment slip
  • Pension Fund Payments – automate pension fund payments complete with a payment advice

As a mailing house bakergoodchild can fully manage all of the above, these are just a few examples, contact us to discuss these and other cheque printing applications.

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Mailing house cheque solutions

There are many cheque related transactional mail solutions, which a mailing house like bakergoodchild can provide, we list a few examples below:

  • Print:
    • Cheque – through access to the data in the cheque database the required fields are variably printed onto the cheque, e.g. date, payee, cheque value in words, cheque value in numbers, etc.
    • Payment Inserts – all inserts for the cheque run are printed, these may include remittance advice, supporting information, etc.
    • Personalisation effects – inserts can be printed with personalisation effects to reflect the branding of the organisation
    • Promotional material – additional inserts could be mailed promoting the organisation’s services, sending a cheque is a good opportunity for direct mail
  • Mailing – the mailing house can manage all aspects of mail fulfilment including folding, enclosing, packaging, etc.
  • Postage:
    • Post the cheques – once the batch of cheques is ready to mail the mailing house can post the cheques, this could be within the UK or internationally
    • Save money – through deals in place with postal providers, mailing houses can save money on mailing out cheques, contact bakergoodchild for details on this service

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