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Direct Mail Services for Accountancy Firms

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Accountancy firms like any organisation need to promote themselves. Direct mail continues to remain a very effective direct mail solution for Accountancy firms. Here we explore the reasons why direct mail is so effective for this sector.

Why is direct mail so effective for Accountants?

Here are just a few reasons why Accountants will benefit from direct mail campaigns:

  • High ROI – well-managed direct mail campaigns will deliver attractive high levels of ROI (return on investment), which we know is an important factor to Accountants! It only takes a few prospects to convert and the entire mailing campaign costs will easily be covered
  • Local targeting – unlike other marketing methods which provide a wide geographical target range, (e.g. radio, TV, website, etc.) direct mail can be targeted to a defined area, e.g. range of postcodes. This is particularly attractive to small local accountancy practices
  • Personal – direct mail is direct! With personalisation techniques there is a real opportunity to market directly to the prospect
  • Popular – direct mail is actually popular with recipients provided it is targeted and relevant to their needs. Accountants can take advantage of this as every organisation needs an Accountant!
  • Tactile – direct mail can be touched, this is popular with many people who in their business role will tend to keep relevant direct mail for a period of time. This contrasts to emails where a high proportion of business promotional emails are never even read

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Integrated mailing approach for accountants

Mailing houses like bakergoodchild can entirely manage the print, mail and postage phases of an accounting transaction through an integrated approach. There is no need to use multiple partners, instead work with bakergoodchild and we will fulfil:

  • Print – manage all print requirements irrespective of the complexity, sizing dimensions, materials and quantity required. Let us store stationery and other materials in our warehouse ahead of future campaigns
  • Mail fulfilment – we manage all aspects of mail fulfilment, taking the print and making it ready to post. Tasks vary from one campaign to another but typically include folding, enclosing inserts, packaging, etc.
  • Postage and distribution – we complete the final phase, the mailing of the campaign through postage and distribution. Don’t pay Royal Mail prices though, we can save you money through our extensive relationships with mail carriers and downstream access techniques. In addition, we sort mail into postal route order to obtain maximum discounts for accountants

Accountancy related transactional mail

Although not promotional in nature there are a number of transactional mail items which are of interest to accountancy firms too. This includes managing accountancy transactions (on behalf of clients) such as invoices, statements and remittance advices. Contact us for further details of transactional mail services for both accountants and clients.

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We understand accountancy firms and what you need from a direct mail campaign. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and recommend you call us on 0800 612 1972 to discuss future direct mail campaigns. Also feel free to complete our contact form for an early call-back.

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