Direct mail is an effective advertising technique

Why Direct Mail Advertising is so Effective

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There are so many reasons why direct mail advertising is effective that it is impractical to list them all here. In this article, we list 4 of the main reasons why your business should deliver a direct mail campaign.

It’s Direct

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing (it’s in the name!) as opposed to indirect marketing. This opens opportunities for direct messaging.

Direct mail is direct. This is one of its main benefits. When correctly mailing recipients, an organisation is making direct contact. This direct contact offers great opportunity to personalise the mailing to the specific behavioural and other traits of the individual, which in turn provides high ROI and response rates. These two reasons are detailed below.

Offers High ROI and Response Rates

Well-managed direct mail advertising campaigns are proven to provide a high return on investment (ROI) due largely to the high response rates. Well-managed campaigns can be delivered at relatively low costs of print, mail, and postage, meaning that it’s not too difficult to obtain an attractive ROI from a highly targeted campaign.

Through the personalisation techniques discussed below, campaign response rates will rise significantly, which is backed up by statistics.

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Direct Mail Advertising Can Be Personalised

Another major reason why direct mail is so effective is that it can be personalised. The Direct Mail Association has previously estimated that personalisation will improve direct mail campaign ROI by anywhere between 300% to 1000%.

At its most basic level, direct mail will feature a correct name and address, after all, it is necessary to mail the item. This could be on the envelope or on an insert.

The mailing itself can be personalised through variable data printing techniques, which are variable insertions of personalised data into the mail piece (e.g. the customer’s name being inserted). Through gender separation of data, a specific mailing could be sent to men/women, and this could also feature different wordings by age group as well.

At a more advanced level, though, this variable data printing approach could involve more complex aspects such as analysing data from an ERP, eCommerce, or sales system (e.g. Salesforce). Examples of this could be the insertion of images relevant to the recipient (e.g. images of a past purchase or a recently viewed item on a website) or direct mention of past transactions leading to cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

It’s Popular with Recipients

Incredibly to some (but not to us!) direct mail is also incredibly popular with recipients. Let’s be honest, there isn’t as much mail in the post as there used to be, so households like to receive direct mail, especially when it is error-free and personalised to them.

The Global Trust in Advertising Report from Nielsen revealed that 92% of young adult shoppers prefer and trust more printed materials over digital alternatives when they have a purchasing decision to make. There are lots more statistics available too (check out our infographic) highlighting why recipients love to receive direct mail advertising.

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