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Why It’s Essential to Add Images and Visual Data to Direct Mail Campaigns

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If you’re managing direct mail campaigns you’re very likely already to be including images as you realise the difference they make. If you’re not, then you’re missing a massive opportunity with your campaign.

So why add images?

You’ll have heard of the expression “a picture paints a thousand words”. Well it’s true; images stimulate the brain both at a conscious and sub-conscious level. Even Napoleon said “A good sketch is better than a long speech”. Above all else in direct mail campaigns you need to do everything possible to stimulate the reader and increase response/conversion rates.

What is visual data?

Data can be represented visually in many forms, check out our infographics and you’ll see many examples. Text can be converted to visual data in the form of icons, bar charts, graphs, infographics, images, etc. Be imaginative and incorporate visual data into your direct mail wherever you can.

Use powerful and colourful images

Having decided to include images and visual data in your direct mail campaigns the next task is to ensure they are as appealing as possible. Using bright and bold colours will provide a real contrast when using white paper. Think very carefully about your corporate livery and colour schemes and use these effectively in your campaigns. Also think about colours which could be negative for your company (e.g. the use of yellow to promote dentists or white for funeral directors, etc.) and avoid using them.

Graphics communicate information quickly

Graphics are processed rapidly by the brain; research has shown that graphics are processed 60,000 times more quickly than text. Reading text is actually effort for the recipient, whereas graphics are relatively effort free. Given that most direct mail is only handled for ten to twenty seconds it makes enormous sense to present content in a digestible format. For example including visual data like a bar chat with company/product statistics would be a great idea for a mailshot.

Marketing Messages are more likely to be remembered

Neural research has revealed that images and visual data are much more likely to be remembered. Our brains are incredible at remembering visual content. So help the brains of your direct mail recipients by giving them plenty of visual content to digest. It is likely that these images will live long in the mind after the text has already been forgotten.

Planning the insertion of images and visual content is important for your direct mail campaigns. We are direct mail experts here at Baker Goodchild; give us a call to plan your next direct mail campaign.

Image Credit: Mario Antoniou