Using data driven direct mail is a great way to increase your ROI

Data Driven Direct Mail for Increased Campaign Profits and ROI

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The sourcing of correct and useful data is the absolute bedrock of the success of any campaign, be it direct mail or something else entirely. If studies aren’t backed up with statistics, and campaigns aren’t backed up with research, then these things have little credibility and little chance of success.

Unfortunately, gathering data, and continuously managing that data, is one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks when it comes to a direct mail campaign. Here at bakergoodchild, we have a full-time data management team on site to assist you.

The use of data in marketing

Whether you are sending direct mail, emails, or creating TV adverts, billboards or Facebook Ads, you will be basing your campaign off of data. Of course, the campaign itself will reveal new data to you, but you’ll never start a marketing campaign blindly.

Even then, it’s not just a case of getting a few figures together and launching a campaign. You need to manage this data effectively too. This means setting yourself clear goals, cleaning your data regularly, as well as enhancing and analysing it.

Taking the correct steps such as these will allow you to turn your numbers and data into real, hard insights that you can use to define your campaign, boost your campaign profits and increase your ROI.

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Where can you find data for your data-driven direct mail?

There are multiple places where you can source data from:

  • Internal data – this will be data that you have collected before, such as through eCommerce, email or your CRM. Of course, you may not have any data or this data may not be relevant, but this is always the best place to start
  • Customer provided data – this is data that your customer has voluntarily provided to you
  • Purchased data – purchasing data is a useful route, but you have to be careful that the data you are purchasing has been acquired lawfully and is useful
  • Public data – this is data you can find publicly listed, such as on the internet

How can bakergoodchild help with my data driven direct mail?

To help make the process of gathering and managing data easier, we have a dedicated data management team here at bakergoodchild. Our team are well-experienced with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so we can ensure that a responsible and professional campaign is run. Here’s how we can help:

  • Removing customers who have moved address
  • Removing duplicated records
  • Checking data accuracy against the Post Office Address File
  • Checking the Death Register to remove deceased records
  • Searching for any subscribers who have opted-out
  • Enhancing the data that you already have by adding extra fields
  • We prepare a final database for you that is tailored to the campaign you wish to launch

Increase your direct mail campaign profits with bakergoodchild

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