Debt Collection Letters – Classic Transactional Mailing

Debt collection letters are a sad fact of life and a necessary evil for many businesses in day to day business activity. With some organisations not even paying until they are chased it is necessary to have a debt collection letter process in place. The entire debt collection mailing process can be managed by mailing houses, which we discuss throughout this article.

Debt collection mailing process automation

The debt collection mailing process can be entirely automated, mailing houses like bakergoodchild are experts in this process. Processes include:

  • Data collection – debtor data needs to be supplied in an agreed structured format to the mailing house. All of the required fields are sent and then these can be used to produce the mailing. All data needs to be managed to strict standards, which is why bakergoodchild works to the ISO27001 data security standard and fully complies with the Data Protection Act, 1998
  • Logic and rules definition – The logic and associated rules for the mailing need to be defined, these can then be built into the programmatical logic when creating the mailing
  • Mailing structure definition – the structure of the mailing needs to be agreed. The majority of the mailing will usually be the same for each customer, the variable data can be printed directly onto the mailing. This will include as examples – customer name, customer address, invoice details, amount due, minimum payment expected, date payment required by, etc.

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Repeat debt collection mailing campaigns

By their very nature debt collection campaigns tend to need repeat mailings. This is no problem with a mailing house. They can simply produce any number of mailings required, at the agreed dates based on the previously defined rules. Different debtors at varying times in their debtor lifecycle can be mailed in the same mailing run.

Print, mail and post with a mailing house

A mailing house can manage all aspects of a debt letter transactional mail campaign from concept through to mailing. Key phases include:

  • Design – the design of the mailing is critical to a successful outcome. Mailing houses can assist with artwork and process automation tasks as discussed above
  • Print – a mailing house can print the entire mailing on different stationery if required to the specifications agreed
  • Mail fulfilment – the campaign can be fulfilled using mailing house equipment, typical tasks include folding, enclosing, bundling and packaging, click this article for detailed information
  • Postage and distribution – finally the campaign can be mailed. Save money though with bakergoodchild by using techniques such as Mail sorting and also using low cost postal carriers who will charge less than national carriers such as Royal Mail. Call us for information about these exciting cash saving opportunities

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