B2C Direct Mail Marketing

Have you ever wondered what B2C direct mail marketing is? Or perhaps what it isn’t? Well, wonder no more, we explore this topic here and provide a definition as well as some other aspects of what a B2C direct mail marketing campaign will comprise of. Please, read on…

Definition of a B2C direct mail marketing campaign

To create a definition we need to draw together the different strands, which are “B2C”, “direct mail” and “marketing campaign”. So, bringing these together our definition would be:

Targeted promotional advertising efforts by a Company to increase consumer awareness of products and services through a planned marketing initiative via the postal system, usually over a fixed duration.

We now go on to discuss each of these three elements in turn in more detail.


There are two main types of campaigns, which are:

  • B2B (business to business) and
  • B2C (business to consumer)

We are focusing on B2C in this article which is the direct targeting to the end consumer of the product or service being consumed.

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Direct mail

Essentially direct mail usually refers to marketing activities, which are undertaken using the postal service. Here at bakergoodchild, we provide all associated services within the direct mail lifecycle, which include:

  • Planning – a direct mail campaign is a sizable project to undertake and should always commence with a period of planning to set goals, objectives, timescales and to document a campaign plan. This is also a good time to prepare data, so mailshot quantities can be agreed
  • Design & concept – the artwork, offers, words and concepts all need creating at this stage
  • Print – printing of the mail campaign can now be commenced, a range of print options can be utilised via the print services of a mailing house
  • Fulfilment – a range of tasks to take the print so it is ready to be mailed. Tasks vary from one campaign to another and include preparation, collation, folding, closing, polywrapping and packaging. We recommend you to read our detailed article about mail fulfilment here.
  • Postage & distribution – finally the campaign can be mailed. There is no reason to pay full price for postal services as a mailing house can save substantial sums off postage costs

Marketing Campaign

In a marketing campaign, businesses promote product or services through a range of potential channels (e.g. TV, Radio, Social Media, etc.), our focus in this article though is the direct mail marketing channel.

Marketing campaigns are usually created to increase brand awareness and sales, the exact goals need to be defined from the outset in the campaign plan.

Plan your own B2C direct mail marketing campaign

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