Set smart objectives when preparing your mailing campaign

Direct Mail Fulfilment – Preparation

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Direct mail is one of the multiple marketing strategies that aid your business to grow. We are experts in different marketing campaigns, and direct mail is one of our specialities.

We understand that you want nothing less than to be ahead of the competition. Our preparation and organisation of the campaign enable us to help you communicate effectively with your customers, and in the process, understand and know them as individuals.

Serving people becomes very easy when you have that personal connection. They will always feel appreciated when you give them personalised services because you already understand their needs individually.

Preparation of the campaign

Your business and services guide us on how to come up with a comprehensive direct mail campaign. We do it through some distinct steps as follows.

Objectives setting

Allows us to determine what exactly you want by telling us if you want to:

  • Sell a single or many products
  • Create and increase brand awareness
  • Start customer relationship management by building loyalty
  • Generate Leads

We will both need results to measure the success of our campaign so that you can also see the value for your money. By telling us your needs, therefore, you will have definite results that you will be expecting.

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What are your targets?

There are different targets just like there are objectives. Tells us the recipients you want to receive your communications. They can be individual customers, businesses, government entities or clubs. Any choice you make will call for specific information like in the following examples:

  • Business – The nature, structure of the company, the current services or products they are using, and you want to compete with, and the number of employees.
  • Individuals–Information needed is the age, their spending patterns, income, gender, where they live, hobbies and any other data that will help in the boosting of your sales.

Setting database lists

We will set up raw information in two lists. The first one is the Response Lists that will contain names of customers that have responded to your services before. The second, Compiled List will contain people who subscribe to media sources that offer the same services or products similar to yours.

After creating a complete database, you will be ready to create your communication and propagate it to the recipients. They can be in the form of letters, brochure or response forms. Sending won’t be the end of our process. We need the responses to show you the impact of your campaign.

The responses will go into the database again so that we can weigh the impact and react to those contacts that show the potential of being true customers. By sending incentives to them or writing follow-up mailings, your campaign will have taken shape.

You need to keep your team on their toes in readiness to handle bulk enquiries and prove to the customers that you have the solution to what they need. Train the sales team too on how to handle personal visits and encourage the new customers to buy.

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