B2C direct mail is an effective type of direct mail marketing strategy

B2C Direct Mail Strategies, Tips and Ideas

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As a part of our series on B2C direct mail campaigns, we explore here various strategies, tips and ideas to make these a success. Read here some proven “tried and tested” formulas which have worked well over the years and consider using them yourself in your own campaigns.

Use personalisation techniques

Wherever possible “personalise” the mailing. This means demonstrating within the mailing that you understand some facts about the recipient and have tailored the campaign to them. At a basic level, this is Mr Smith rather than Home Owner, but a number of personalisation techniques should be used, e.g. past purchases knowledge, awareness of hobbies and interests, remarketing of past product purchases especially with renewal products, etc.

Use offers and incentives

Providing some reason for the recipient to need to respond is always an excellent idea. Everybody likes a bargain, so why not include offers, coupons and vouchers within the mailing? These are often linked with expiry deadlines to stimulate the recipient to need to respond in a timely fashion.

Be innovative and creative

Aim to “WOW” the recipient through the use of innovative design techniques. Engaging their curiosity will work wonders, so use unusual shapes, add fragrances, add free inserts, etc. Innovation makes this mailing feel a little different to all the others and is likely to increase campaign response rates and ROI.

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Use images

It is said that “an image paints” a thousand words, so ensure you use carefully selected high-quality images within the B2C direct mailshot for the greatest impact and campaign results.

Do a “follow-up” mailing

Many campaign managers think of a campaign as a single mailing, but it’s been proven to be particularly effective to follow-up an original mailing with a reminder. This often takes the form of a postcard and for a small additional cost often delivers excellent additional returns.

Buy from one source

Why buy your B2C direct mail campaign from three or more sources when you can use one? Many businesses buy their print, mail fulfilment (including stationery) and postal services from different companies. Not only is this intensive to manage, but it also costs more money. Instead, its best to concentrate the entire campaign “lock, stock and barrel” with one provider who can print, fulfil and mail the entire campaign. Whilst saving money this also has environmental benefits as campaign raw materials and work in progress stay in one location rather than having to be moved from one supplier to another.

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