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5 tips for the perfect mail shot

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Mail shots come in all shapes and sizes but here are five great tips to help you make your campaign as effective as possible.

A successful campaign does not have to involve big budgets or large numbers but it will involve planning, imagination and measuring at least. So follow our tips to make your campaign a hit!

1. Create targets
How do you know if you have run a good direct mail campaign? Only results will determine if you have created an effective campaign so you need to have some targets at the outset. Firstly decide what you want to achieve – most often the target is sales but others look to gain sign-ups or the take up of a free gift as a way of building an active marketing database. These targets will be used to measure the success of the campaign. If you have set yourself a level of sales, you can use this to determine the ROI of your campaign and see how this spend compares with alternative marketing spend.

2. Use clean data
You will need a database for the campaign and the quality of this data will have a major impact on your campaign. Use a data processing professional to determine the quality of the data – simply removing duplicate addresses and ‘gone-aways’ will be the first step to making sure you are not wasting postage as well as adversely affecting your response rates. You may need help to source data or to help you build up an active mailing list of genuinely interested potential buyers.

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3. Be clear on the offer
You need to make an ‘offer that cannot be refused’ – a mailshot is not just posting out existing brochures or leaflets. There needs to be a reason for the recipient to act NOW – without it the campaign is unlikely to succeed. Keep it simple too – don’t muddy the waters with a variety of offers or promotions. Put the offer in a tone and language that your target market will understand and respond too.

4. Track the campaign
Without tracking there can be no measurement of the success of the campaign, so it is essential that there is some tracking incorporated into the campaign – a unique code, telephone number or personal URL. Test everything before sending out any material and make sure you regularly review the response.

5. Get creative
A direct mail campaign is an ideal opportunity to think creatively – everything from the envelope used to the ‘look and feel’ of the whole campaign. Here is a great chance to build brand and develop an emotional connection with your target market. There are experienced design agencies who can offer their services and direct mail specialists who can also offer advice to ensure the success of the campaign.

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