A-Z Direct Mail, Print and Postage

An A-Z of Direct Mail, Print and Postage

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There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to direct mail, international mail, printing and posting. To help explain our services a little better, we’ve laid out an A-Z of direct mail, print and postage.


Every direct mail campaign and customer is different, and using a mailing house is the best way to adapt each of your campaigns.


We have over two decades of experience in the direct mail industry, so we’re more than ready to help with your direct mail campaign!

Campaign brief

A successful direct mail campaign requires a successful and well-structured campaign brief beforehand.

Direct mail

Direct mail is a way of directly targeting potential customers with mail. Do it right and you can win plenty of new business!

Envelope optimisation

If you optimise your envelope in the right way, it will stand out from among the rest of the mail.
Our A-Z will tell you everything you need to know about direct mail

Foil printing

This is a type of printing that permanently leaves foil, usually gold or silver coloured, onto a piece of mail.


A direct mail campaign is one of the best ways that you can help grow your business.


Direct mail has a long history, dating as far back as 1000 BC using papyrus based advertisements!

International postage

We can send your mail all over the world, making use of many international mail partnerships.

Junk mail

Using direct mail ensures that what you send won’t end up in a junk mail file like many emails! While customers may still discard it, there is a much higher chance they’ll open it if it is direct mail and read it first.


The weight, and subsequent costs, of your direct mail campaign will be measured using grams or kilograms.

Letters aren’t the only way

Direct mail doesn’t only involve letters, but can include other items such as postcards, catalogues and brochures too.


Mailshots, also called direct mail, is simply a way of reaching a large audience using one mailing campaign.

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Direct mail has great numbers associated with it, including the fact that 98% of people check their direct mail daily.


Opt-in is when a consumer has specifically requested to receive direct mail and marketing.


It’s crucial to personalise a direct mail campaign so that you can deliver a greater impact on your potential customers.

QR codes

Using QR or PURL codes is just one of the ways that you can be inventive with your direct mail campaign.


There are many ways that you can calculate your ROI on a direct mail campaign, which we’ve written about here.


Direct mail innovation has helped lead to some great results, backed up by favourable statistics.

Technology adoption

Mail and technology can be successfully combined to lead to some interesting and positive results.
It’s important to make your mail unique, and this can be done in many ways, such as with eye-catching shapes.

Variable data printing

This is a way of printing multiple different pieces of mail, using only one setup. This greatly saves on time and costs.


The importance of copywriting and the way in which you present your message to consumers can’t be understated.

eXemplary benefits

We had to be a little inventive with ‘x’, but direct mail campaigns can offer you real benefits when it comes to scoring new customers.


Have you thought about including sample products or sample tasters inside your direct mail campaign?


Each country falls into one of four World Zones, which the Royal Mail have listed here.

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The above has provided a brief overview of some of the various factors associated with direct mail. For more information, get in touch with us here.

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