Why Mail? Find Out Why Mail Matters More Than Ever

With individuals spending more time at home and away from other people, online consumers are craving real, tangible ‘human’ interaction. With 2 in 5 people reportedly suffering from digital burnout, a physical mail campaign could be a great strategic option for your business right now.

We know it’s tough out there and we’re here to help and support you whatever you need – from advice and creative design to data supply and profiling, and of course print and postage. We’ve created this guide to help with what you can do to have a successful acquisition and sales period.

We mean it when we say, we’re here to help.

What’s in the guide?


The most important part of any acquisition campaign is getting in front of the right audience. But if you don’t have your own proprietary database, or if that database isn’t big enough, what can you do?


Postage is often the largest cost in a mailing project, which is why we work in close partnership with Royal Mail to bring you postage incentives that save you money and increase your ROI. See how we can help your campaigns work harder and smarter, whether you’re a new user or are looking to maximise your existing mailings.


Mail plays a key role in your customer’s journey. Every Media Channel has its place in the customer journey and has its own key role to play. TV, for instance, drives mass brand awareness, email is great for quick updates, while social media is good for further engagement. We show you how and why mail should be strategically integrated into the customer journey, working alongside other channels to deliver the maximum value.

Find out more about the benefits of direct mail here.

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