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Transactional Mail Service – 7 Qualities to Expect

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Looking for a transactional mail service provider but not sure where to start? Regardless of whether you choose to partner with us or not, we want to help you find the best solution for your business. Below we’ve listed seven qualities that you should expect from a transactional mail service.

#1 Safe and secure

It’s absolutely crucial that the service your transactional mail provider offers is safe and secure. Transactional mail will typically contain sensitive information, such as customers’ names, addresses, billing information, invoicing details and more, and this information must be protected.

#2 Certifications and memberships

Following on from the above, you’ll quickly be able to tell if a provider is safe and secure based on the accreditations, certifications and memberships that they have. We have all the necessary accreditations, such as from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), and you can find our full list here.

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#3 Cost-effectiveness

You should be offered a good quality, cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank. A good provider will do this using variable data printing, and you can read more on this here. Look for a company that offers you competitive rates while still producing high-quality results.

#4 Taking the time to understand your needs

Every industry is different, and every business within each industry is different. Although much transactional mail will follow the same format, it’s important that your provider actually takes the time to understand your needs as a client and the audience who will be receiving your mail. It shouldn’t be a “one shoe fits all” approach with this!

#5 Giving your transactional mail a reason to stand out

You need your customers to both open and see this transactional mail, so what ideas does the provider have for doing this? In this day and age, simply sending standard envelopes isn’t always enough, and it should be encouraging to hear a mail provider being a little creative.

#6 Offering a good return on investment

You will obviously be expecting a good ROI from any transactional mail campaign that you want to run. This doesn’t have to be ROI in terms of monetary value, but maybe in the action that your customers have taken, such as settling an invoice.

Physical mail has a much higher open rate than electronic mail, so you should have high expectations with any transactional mail company you operate with.

#7 Offering a start to finish transactional mail service

The best transactional mail service providers will offer you a start to finish approach. They’ll understand your needs as a client, help to personalise the campaign, and then both print and package all of the mail, taking the hard, messy work away from you! This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Looking for a transactional mail provider who has all seven of these qualities?

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