Save Money on Postage

Tips to Save Money on Postage Costs

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Selling goods online is a great way to make money but expensive postage costs can often eat into your profits. Here we’ve shared some of our top tips on how to save money on postage costs.

Use a middleman parcel service

Today many online parcel firms buy postage slots from the likes of DHL and FedEx in bulk at a wholesale price. They then sell these slots to individuals for considerably less, allowing them to make significant cost savings. Aside from lowering your postage costs, you’ll also be able to save yourself a trip to the Post Office as most couriers will pick your parcels up directly from your home.

Look out for loyalty schemes

Be sure to keep an eye out for carriers offering loyalty schemes and discounts to personal customers and small businesses. These may help you to reduce your postage costs significantly .

CollectPlus, a courier used by the likes of ASOS and Amazon, will deliver items up to 10kg and offers a discount of 10% to loyal customers. Just make sure if you are planning on joining a loyalty scheme that you send enough parcels to benefit from the discounts.

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Send small items via Royal Mail

Although you’re welcome to shop around, you’re unlikely to find any postage service for small items cheaper than Royal Mail. Providing your items weigh 750g or less and can fit into a large envelope, you’ll make great cost savings.

It’s also still cheapest to send letters and cards via Royal Mail. It currently costs 60p for a first class stamp and 50p for a second class stamp. Whilst stamp prices to increase every now and then, you can always stock up on them, as they have no expiration date!

Use a comparison website

Comparison websites such as Parcel2Go are excellent for finding the best postage deals. Simply enter information about your item and the speed of service you require and it will present you with the cheapest services, allowing you to keep your postage costs to a minimum.

Let companies bid for your custom

Today there are a number of auction websites where carriers will bid to deliver your items. The majority of these carriers and transporters will have space in their vans that they’re looking to fill up to make it a more cost efficient journey. You’ll often find their bids are up to 75% lower than standard delivery rates, making it definitely worth your while.

Work with a mailing house

And finally, if you are looking to save money on your direct mailings, the best option is to work with a mailing house like Baker Goodchild. We buy postage slots in bulk and pass on the savings straight to our clients!

Saving money on postage costs is much easier than you’d think? Let our experts here at Baker Goodchild help your business save money – call us for more information.

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