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Think print? Think print management instead

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For many marketing campaigns print is still an essential element. Even in this multi-channel age, there is likely to be a print element as direct mail retains its proven effectiveness.

If there is print, there must be a printer and many organisations, marketing departments and agencies have strong relations with printers who deliver effective print results. However, we are going to suggest that print management services offer more effective solutions to your print needs. An old print joke runs:

“What does a printer bring to a sales meeting? Print samples. What does a print management company bring to a sales meeting? Dashboards, reports, and data about how they can improve the customer’s business and save them money.”

In that joke is the nutshell of the proposition. Printers are great at print but a print management company brings many additional benefits – as well as great print. Print management delivers lots of tangible results on delivery, cost-savings and quality. And there are lots of intangibles too as they take pressure away from members of the team to deliver this end-to-end management of the print process.

Think print management

a strategic look at their overall print needs. Looking at the volume and spend will allow the print management company to negotiate the best print deal. Print management companies can help you make the most of printer schedules – making slight adjustment to when print runs occur can also help reduce costs. Changes to paper specification can similarly reduce costs and/or improve quality. Changes to formats, finishes and binding can do likewise.

How do print management companies achieve this? Expertise, experience and business know-how are some of the reasons. They establish connections with a large group of printers who pay attention because of the volume of work that they are able to send to them on a regular basis – their buying power far outstrips any individual organisations. The idea of pooling buying power is increasingly common, but has been a staple of print management life for many years.

So the next time you need print, think print management for even greater success.

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