Secure Transactional Mail with ISO 27001

bakergoodchild is a fully regulated organisation that is compliant with all necessary government guidelines and regulations, as well as standards that are set in place by other bodies and organisations. One such standard is ISO 27001, set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), which we have covered in more detail below.

What is the ISO and its standards?

The ISO is a worldwide organisation that was established back in 1947 with a commitment to setting standards for products to ensure that said products are safe, reliable, and manufactured to a good quality.

They look for ways for businesses to be more efficient and less wasteful while maintaining only the highest levels of quality and productivity. They compare goods and services from around the globe, keeping consumers from all corners of the world safe with well-designed and tested products.

They now operate in 162 countries and currently have over 21,000 standards published. The most important one that is relevant to our organisation is ISO 27001.

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What is ISO 27001?

This standard relates to information security, crucial for any business that handles customer data or information. Businesses that deal with customer data will have information management security systems (ISMS) in place, and if a company is awarded the ISO 27001 standard, then it signifies that their ISMS is of a high quality.

This means that said company follows the strictest levels of security practice and has passed an independent, expert and professional assessment that tests whether data is properly protected or not.

Any company that is awarded the ISO standard can be relied upon, as an ISMS is made up of many different parts and pieces. It involves any processes, documents and technology that handle data, as well as people too.

An organisation that is ISO 27001 compliant also has to undergo regular risk assessments, meaning that we are always up-to-date with the latest in best practice, safe guidance and robust data management systems.

How does this affect the way that we operate?

This standard, along with the Data Protection Act, with the latter binding us by law, means that the processes and systems that we have in place have to keep any data that we handle from you secure.

We take data management protection and security extremely seriously here at bakergoodchild, and not only do we utilise data in the right way to get the most out of marketing campaigns, but we safeguard it in the right way too.

We’ve all seen some of the big data leaks that have hit the headlines in recent years, but by having the right steps and processes in place, we can assure all our clients and customers of the highest levels of security when working with us. This allows us to undergo all transactional mail campaigns, which rely so heavily on data, efficiently and effectively.

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