You can use transactional mail to cut the organisational costs of your business

Reducing Organisational Costs with Transactional Mail

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Transactional print and mail, aside from many of the other benefits that it has, is also great for reducing organisational costs too. While transactional mail isn’t as important a money-making tool as direct mail, you must still think about your organisational costs at each step of the process. We’ve looked below at how transactional mail can improve your ROI and how you can reduce costs.

Building relationships and retaining customers

It’s important to not always look at figures as so black and white, and to instead consider these things over time. While there may be an initial cost in sending a piece of transactional mail to a customer, if this is a personalised piece thanking them for their recent order, it will be invaluable in building the relationship with them and retaining them as a customer.

This means they are more likely to spend again with you in the future, as well as spread word of your business to their friends. These benefits far outweigh the initial costs.

Chasing up invoices

Transactional mail is often used for collection and invoicing purposes, so the payments you receive as a result of these are a good return on investment.

Personalised transactional mail

Although transactional mail’s primary role isn’t to sell or promote, you can use it with subtle hints of personalisation, marketing and promotion with approaches such as targeted customer offers. This will bring you great ROI.

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People taking action on transactional mail

Customers are more likely to take action on transactional mail. We’ve looked before at how 98% of people sort through their physical mail daily, while an underwhelming 20% of emails get opened. While it may initially be cheaper to send an email, if this email brings you no returns then it’s been a negative, not a positive.

Using bakergoodchild for your transactional print and mail

The benefit of outsourcing your transactional print and mail to a mailing house such as us here at bakergoodchild is that we can help to reduce your costs for you. With an expert data management team who will clear through your data and make it more valuable, the pieces of transactional mail that you send out will deliver a real impact.

Alongside this, we use a method known as variable data printing, to have your items printed quickly and efficiently, while maintaining their personalised and individual nature.

Finally, having been in the print and mail industry for over two decades, we’ve built up relationships with mailing partners from all around the globe. This allows us access to the fastest routes and the cheapest rates.

While the initial costs of transactional mail may seem daunting as compared to sending emails or some other form of document, when looking at the open rates, the varied ways you can add a personal touch and the higher level of data security with transactional mail, it’s a no brainer.

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