Fundamental Benefits of Bulk Mail Services

Bulk mail services are some of the most crucial services that we offer at bakergoodchild. We regularly get asked about what these services entail, and about the bulk mail benefits that are offered to businesses, and so we have covered this in greater depth below.

Bulk mail benefits

Cheaper costs

Just as buying items in bulk means that you can generally get the items at a discount, this also rings true for sending bulk mail too. Costs and profits are always at the forefront of the mind of any business, and the biggest attraction for bulk mail is the reduction in costs that it brings.

Larger ROI

Direct mail is proven to be one of the best methods of direct marketing, with 98% of people sorting through their physical mail daily. This means that not only is a customer likely to read any bulk mail you send straight away, but it will also prevent a backlog building up, so any pieces before yours won’t take priority!

This means that although it may cost you more to send thousands of pieces of direct mail as opposed to emails, your physical mail is more likely to get read and acted upon. This, in turn, leads to a higher and larger ROI.

Reach a larger number of customers

One of the bulk mail benefits is the fact that you can reach a much larger number of people too. Of course, this is obvious if you are sending out a greater volume, but the cost savings also mean that you can afford to send even more mail should you choose!

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Reach the right customers

Using a mailing house will mean that not only can you reach a larger number of customers, but you can also ensure that you’re reaching the right customers too. Mailing houses have access to detailed databases with up-to-date customer information, allowing you to properly target the right people. All this data will be legally obtained with consent and will comply with data privacy laws.

The benefits of using bulk mail aren’t automatically provided to you; it requires a carefully operated campaign, for which a mailing house can help.

How can a mailing house offer more bulk mail benefits?

You’ll be able to enjoy these further benefits by making use of the bulk mail services of someone such as bakergoodchild:

  • Reducing the labour costs for your own business
  • We’ll be able to clean any of the dirty data from your databases
  • We’ve been operating in the mailing industry for many years, and so can complete your campaign with great agility and speed
  • You’ll get great cost reductions with us, as well as a clear and succinct billing system
  • We can also provide account management and consultancy too

Ready to take advantage of your bulk mail benefits?

We’ve worked in the industry for many years, so we like to think that we know a thing or two about bulk mail and running a successful mailing campaign! If you are interested in getting started and want to hear more from us, then please contact us here.


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