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Following the latest industry developments, Baker Goodchild are Mailmark ready!

What is Mailmark?

Royal Mail and the Downstream Access providers, in partnership with mail providers such as Baker Goodchild have developed a new, cheaper way to send mail. Mailmark utilises 2D and 4 – State barcodes to enable retail and wholesale business customers to access the lowest postage rates available and improve deliverability and visibility.

Mailmark uses 2d barcode technology, alongside the address, which is capable of holding a lot more information than the traditional barcode. It allows us to access lower rates that previously available for letters. The improvement in rates on some Large Letter mailings is even greater.

Mailmark can be used for all machineable mail that is 90% PAF (address) valid and can be used in conjunction with

  • Advertising Mail
  • Sustainable Advertising Mail
  • Publishing Mail
  • Business Mail
  • Business Mail 1st Class

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Clean Your Data

With our data verification and cleansing services we can help ensure your mailing qualifies for all of the above services. Our bespoke software will healthcheck your data free of charge and we can produce a report showing the PAF (address) corrections required as well as actually enhance the address data to help get it to the essential 90% threshold. In addition to this we can also check against MPS (Mailing Preference Service) in order to help qualify your mail, if it is advertising or marketing literature, for both Admail* and Mailmark discounts.

As a further check, we can also scan your data for duplicates, deceased and goneaways which is always good practice. We can even in some cases supply new addresses for customers who have moved so that you can update your own data. All of these can be flagged in our free data health check. Just ask!

To make the absolute most of your mail, and get the highest possible discounts available you can even combine Mailmark, Admail* and Sustainable Mail* discounts. Baker Goodchild are ISO 14001 accredited and our Print Management service use FSC paper and vegetable based inks to enable you to access the entry and intermediate level postal discounts.

* Please note other exclusions and criteria apply as set by Royal Mail, please ask for details.

Baker Goodchild is amongst the first fully Mailmark accredited and approved Mailing Houses in the UK to offer this new service. For more details or to take advantage of the improved postal rates on offer please get in contact on 0800 612 1972.

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Contact our team to find out more - click here.