An Exciting Year Ahead in 2017 for Direct Mail

In a world that is growing increasingly technological and digital, it is a common misconception that more direct, physical ways of marketing are now redundant. While it is true that the use of direct mail is likely to decrease over the coming years, this decrease is marginal, meaning direct mail remains a strong and necessary form of marketing.

Why should you use direct mail in 2017?

There are many reasons you should use direct mail, and these will remain important reasons over the coming years no matter what happens in the technological world.

Email vs direct mail

Emails are more commonplace than ever, but the stats don’t lie. 97% of people do not click links provided to them in emails, and a huge 78% of emails are never even opened. This is compared to the 77% of people who sort through their physical mail as soon as it is received, and the 98% of people who check their physical mail daily.


People have a sense of distrust when it comes to technology. Whether this is innate or has been brought about from events such as the Snowden leak, direct mail helps people feel more secure.

Direct mail is still a highly effective marketing strategy

Holding on to physical items

There still is, and always will be, something about holding on to a physical item, whether it is a letter, a book, or something else entirely. This is alongside the fact that 92% of people feel that they can concentrate better when reading a hard copy.

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Direct mail in 2017

The stats provided above have been the same for many years, so what makes direct mail particularly exciting in 2017? Looking at some of the statistics of direct mail from 2016, it is clear to see just how much of an impact this medium can have with a consumer.

In 2016, 33.3% of people said that they were more likely to read direct mail over physical mail that has a sales or promotional offer attached. This is compared to the lower 22.9% of people who did the same with an email.

Direct mail can also be combined with exciting new technologies to enhance a user’s experience, such as using augmented reality to allow their direct mail to come to life. This will help to bridge that gap between physical and technological.

Want to know more about direct mail?

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