Direct Mail Company – the Advantages of Outsourcing

As a direct mail company, bakergoodchild have worked with many organisations over the years, in the fields of print, mailing (direct and transactional) and postage. There are many advantages of outsourcing this work to a mailing house as an integrated parcel of work. In this article though we focus in on the advantages of outsourcing just the mailing element to a direct mail company.

Accreditations and legal compliance

Many organisations choose not to outsource due to concerns about quality and aspects like data security. This need not be the case as many mailing houses (like bakergoodchild) work to quality standards such as:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security) and
  • BS OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management)

As in most industries, there are legal and regulatory compliance requirements for direct mail. As mailing houses work with campaigns everyday they are very aware of all the regulations and will automatically ensure that projects are in full compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act (1998) and the GDPR (which is effective May 2018). Additionally, there is an added value to customers in complying with the DMA code of conduct.

Most organisations would struggle to comply with all of the above requirements, mainly because it is on the fringe of their operations and in-house expertise is difficult to justify.

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Cost saving

There are many available cost savings through using a mailing house. Examples include savings through bulk mail, consumables savings, data quality related savings, process automation benefits, property savings (reduce the stock of raw materials and finished mailing products) and mail sortation. Additional benefits will also arise if print and postage solutions are ordered additionally to direct mail.

Related to cost savings are staff time savings. The old saying of “time is money” is certainly true and through outsourcing to a direct mail company many time-consuming aspects of a direct mail campaign are avoided (e.g. purchasing materials, direct mail fulfilment process, etc.)

Data cleansing and enhancement

Data can often be corruptly input or become out of date. A mailing house will have systems in place to cleanse data preventing duplicates, mailings to goneaways and deceased customers and/or mailings with obvious errors included.

In some cases, mailing houses can enhance data in conjunction with customers. This is through combining with external data sources with the purpose of increased personalisation of mailings through techniques such as variable data printing.

Experienced professionals

“You can’t buy experience,” the old phrase says, but you can buy experience from a mailing house. Organisations can benefit from the vast expertise gained by direct mail companies across their many campaigns. All this experience is invaluable in delivering quality campaign results.

Latest equipment

Mailing house equipment is expensive and has to be used continuously to obtain an ROI from the capital outlay. For many organisations, it makes sense to avoid this capital outlay by outsourcing to a direct mail company who will produce the required mailings including all the fulfilment tasks (e.g. folding, closing, packaging, etc.)

Contacting bakergoodchild direct mail company

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