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Digital Printing and its Role in the Personalisation of Direct Mail

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According to the Direct Mail Association, personalised direct mail can generate response rates of up to 20, 30 and 40%.

Personalising your direct mail will not only encourage recipients to open it but also make them feel like you really know and appreciate them. Personalisation therefore leads to increased loyalty and higher conversions.

With so many benefits, you would think that everyone would be personalising their direct mail campaigns but this isn’t actually the case. Many business owners are being put off by personalisation, as they fear it would cost them too much. The good news is that thanks to digital printing, this isn’t actually the case.

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Benefits of digital printing

One of the great things about digital printing is that it can be carried out at a relatively low cost, especially when compared to conventional printing methods. Some companies will only charge a little more for message personalisation, whereas others may offer it for free, as part of a digital printing package.

Digital printing can be carried out very quickly, with fast turnaround rates of between twenty four and forty eight hours. The print quality is also excellent. Most printing houses will allow you to tweak your mailings as much as you wish to so you can meet the needs of your target audience and increase response rates.

Variable printing for personalised direct mail

Variable printing is a type of digital printing that involves changing parts of a print out. It is an ideal digital printing method for those wanting to personalise their direct mail.

There are a few different levels of variable printing that can be achieved. The most basic level simply involves changing the name and address on each mailing. More advanced levels involve customising pieces of direct mail for different groups of customers, such as the text and images. If you really want to increase your response rates from direct mail, we definitely recommend personalising the contents with relevant text, images and offers for your customers.

Digital printing with Baker Goodchild

Baker Goodchild has almost two decades of experience providing personalised direct mail services to clients. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes full colour laser printing, direct ink jetting and high speed cut sheet laser printing. What’s more, we will help you personalise your direct mail without breaking the bank. We can manage the whole process on your behalf, helping you achieve a great ROI from the personalisation of direct mail.

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