Tips to Save Money When Sending Direct Mail

How can direct mail, postage and print costs be reduced when working with Baker Goodchild

In News by Gunvinder Bhogal

Direct Mail campaigns are an extremely effective way of reaching customers new and old, but as a business it’s important to look after your expenditure too.

If you’ve got a tight budget to meet, you might be wondering whether you can make a direct mail campaign affordable. The good news is that there are lots of ways to save money when sending out a direct mail campaign; we will show you how.


Without question the cost of posting a large number of items can be a major expense and it may be one of the factors which, leads you to question whether with it’s a cost-effective exercise.

However, when you use the bulk mailing services from Baker Goodchild, you’ll not just get great management of your postal campaign but you’ll also benefit from reduced costs too.

Baker Goodchild are a leading mailing house in Birmingham and deal with vast quantities of mail on a daily basis. This means that all the mail we send out still receives the same services levels, at a lower cost.

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If you’ve ever managed a direct mail campaign in-house you’ll appreciate the work which is needed to make sure all the items are matched up correctly and the envelopes sealed before they leave the building.

You have two choices: either invest in expensive equipment to automate the process (and bear the costs of upkeep, maintenance and ultimately replacement) or employ members of staff to do everything by hand.

Either way is expensive and also unnecessary when professional direct mail services provider such as Baker Goodchild could offer their services instead. By using our services you could save on the cost of both employing members of staff or buying machinery, and will also have the added economic benefit of not having to use valuable resources to watch over the process too.

For businesses which don’t regularly carry out direct mail campaigns, there may be a lack of awareness of the amount of space which is required to be able to complete the task safely and efficiently.

Businesses will need room for the staff to work on the direct mail campaign and lots of space for the completed campaign to be stored and ready for sending. Prior to the direct mail being worked on, you’ll need to have the capacity to order, pay for and then store all of the consumables you need such as paper, envelopes and additional printing ink.

Most businesses don’t have spare areas which is lying dormant and can be used for direct mail services. With property costs at a premium, it’s far more usual for companies to utilise all of the space they have.

Conversely, printing companies will have warehouses which are designed explicitly for the storage of consumables and also the direct mail campaigns items which are waiting to be sent.

By using a printing service you won’t have any of the above costs, or stresses. You won’t need premises with extra space and you won’t need to rent a warehouse to store your consumables, or your campaign.

Baker Goodchild handles direct mail campaigns large and small so whatever your needs are you can bank on us to help you cut your costs without sacrificing quality. We’ve been in the industry for more than two decades and know how to get the job done quickly and economically too. Get in touch today to see how Baker Goodchild could save you money.

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