Mailshot Benefits

Benefits of Mailshots

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Naturally there are many beneficial aspects of mailshots, a flexible, affordable and endearing marketing approach which has lasted the course of time.

Tangible and Raises Brand Awareness

Mailshots are tangible; it’s an example of marketing which is delivered directly to the home and into both customers and prospects waiting hands.

There is a very high probability that the marketing message will be read if not immediately at some later point in time. Mailshots are on average kept in a home for seventeen days.

This contrasts to Emails where typically the recipient deletes very quickly and doesn’t have anything tangible to touch. Research surveys have proven that customers like marketing they can touch.

Great ROI and Proven Track Record

Investments in maislhots attract a great ROI and reinforce other marketing mix investments, e.g. a TV campaign backed with a mailshot causes even more impact. Mailshots should not be seen as mutually exclusive of other marketing strategies but instead are best used as part of an integrated marketing approach.

ROI from direct mail spend has a ROI of £3.22 per £1 invested, this is an attractive ROI and higher than the ROI of online marketing (£3.12).

It’s the ROI on mailshots which has caused its longevity as a marketing channel and this is due to its proven track record. Many Marketers have falsely predicted that Direct Mail is dead, the ROI, integration with other technologies and popularity with recipients are ensuring its long-term survival.

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Highly Targeted and Personalisable

Mailshots are highly targeted provided knowledge exists about the customer; this knowledge can frequently be gleaned from CRM, Ecommerce and Analytics systems. Specific offers can be targeted to identified customer groups or prospects alike.

Mailshots can be personalised with various sets of information, name and address details are obvious examples, but others include demonstrating knowledge of previous products purchased or maybe advanced techniques such as prompting of products viewed online but not purchased.

Mailshots can also be personalised by offering different sizes and dimensions. Customers and prospects receiving multiple mailshots over time will appreciate a diversity of formats, e.g. postcards, brochures, catalogues, etc.

A/B testing is recommended to verify which mailshots work best, so the technique with best results can be used in the future.

A Familiar Favourite

You’ll have heard of the catchphrase “familiarity breeds contempt”, well this could not be further from the truth with mailshots. Research shows that households love to receive direct mail, especially as in recent year’s mail (both mailshots and other mail) volumes have continued to decline.

Mailshots rely on established postal services which customers rely upon. Email systems and modern technology can be viewed with scepticism by some people (especially older age groups).

Easy to Track and Monitor Results

Provided a campaign is correctly set-up it can easily be monitored, campaigns should be set-up with identifiable phone numbers, unique landing pages and response addresses. Specialists in the mailshot industry like Baker Goodchild can recommend best practice for establishing a campaign which can be both tracked and monitored.

Ease of tracking makes proving the ROI case easier and therefore future investment decisions both safer and more likely.

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