7 Qualities to Look for in a Great Mailing House

Many organisations are content to manage the usual services of a mailing house (print, mailing and postage) internally but there are many reasons to consider outsourcing. Here we investigate 7 qualities to look for in a great mailing house.

1)    Save money

A prime reason to outsource to a mailing house is to save money whilst retaining every other aspect of quality, dependability, and reliability that customers would expect.

There is a prime opportunity to save money on print costs through working with a competitive mailing house which can offer savings through bulk production and lean efficient systems and printers.

Mailing efficiencies lead to cost and time savings, particularly where access to top-quality print equipment reduces the cost of print jobs.

Saving money on postage is a major reason to work with a mailing house, substantial savings can be achieved on local and international postage through deals that mailing houses have with a variety of mailing carriers.

2)    Access to the latest equipment

All top-quality mailing houses will have a continual approach to investment. The world of print and mailing never stands still; there are new breakthroughs in technology continuously. All mailing houses need to keep abreast of the latest advances in technology and plan investments in new print and mailing equipment accordingly. It’s this continual approach which will lead to innovative mailing solutions which are available at competitive prices from mailing houses.

3)    Experience and expertise

A mailing house will enhance the entire print, mail and post-process end to end simply based on the experience and expertise they have developed over many years in the mailing house industry. This experience is invaluable and is difficult for individuals in organisations to attain.  Mailing houses will have experienced staff in all related disciplines such as print and fulfilment experts, postage consultants / strategists with wrap around care provided by project and account managers.

4)    High quality fulfilment

Many organisations can struggle with managing some/all aspects of the mail fulfilment process. There are many stages to mail fulfilment (preparation, collation, folding, closing, polywrapping, bundling and packaging, etc). To automate the fulfilment process requires heavy investment in print and mailing technology as well as process expertise. The vast majority of mailing fulfilment tasks can be automated. Outsourcing fulfilment saves customers considerable time and effort, particularly where a proportion of tasks are fulfilled internally via manual techniques.

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5)    Improved and enhanced data

Using poor quality data can have catastrophic consequences on mailing campaigns such as falling foul of data protection laws, mailing deceased people, mailing goneaways, sending duplicate mailings and using corrupted records, etc. Top quality mailing houses will remove these data errors through a range of in-house data checks as well as cleansing external data with tools such as the Royal Mail PAF and the mail preference service.

6)    Save time

Time is precious to any organisation and saving time is always incredibly valuable. By working with a mailing house all organisations can focus “on their day job” which will bring its own rewards and leave the mailing house with all its expertise to deliver print, mail and postage jobs with the minimum of effort.

7)    Environmentally friendly approach

Green-friendly and environmentally friendly values can definitely be enhanced through working with an ethical environmentally aware mailing house. Look for projects which build in green-friendly values from the start, which use renewable resources (wherever possible) and are ISO9001 & ISO14001 audited & approved.

Working with the bakergoodchild mailing house

At bakergoodchild, we take quality and customer service seriously and deliver all 7 of the above qualities and much more besides! If you would like to experience these mailing house benefits for your organisation then call the bakergoodchild mailing house on 0800 612 1972 or view our contact page.


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