4 ways you can benefits from using Partially Addressed Mail

The future of cost-effective direct mail is here. What is this magnificent new concept you ask? It’s none other than partially addressed mail! With this new bakergoodchild service, you can reduce your time and money spent on the collection of the personal data of your target audience through the simple act of addressing the household using a demographic postcode filter. 

This basically means we can help you to select a demographic that is likely to buy your product or service and filter out the likely postcodes which would be interested. Using UK data and your current database, we can work out where similar sorts of prospects are living by postcode. Your campaign will go out without a person’s name and will be addressed for the household. 

There’s plenty of benefits to this slick new service so why not come on a journey with us to discover how you can benefit from utilising partially addressed mail?

1.       Lower postage costs

We know. You had to do a double take on this one, didn’t you? Yes, that’s right. The big benefit behind partially addressed mail has got to be the lower postage cost. Based on The Royal Mail’s rates, you could be saving 4p per item and 2p per item on large letters. We know that doesn’t sound like a lot but when you put that in the context of sending a minimum volume of 10,000 items, those pennies really add up.

2.       Significantly reduced data costs

Just when you thought you were saving plenty on postage, we throw on top of that the hefty reduction in data costs. Gone are the days of stringent data collection and the process of purchasing personal information. As we’ve said before, the beauty of partially addressed mail comes from addressing the household and not the individual.

This simple act will benefit you through saving additional funds per item. That will definitely leave more time and money to figure out new ways to optimise your direct mail campaigns.

3.       Estimated 30% more reach

With the similar budget to that of a typical direct mail campaign, your reach can be extended to 30% more households. There may come a worry that the response rate will be lower but when you come to our final point you’ll realise that any concerns you may have surrounding partially addressed mail will be swiftly quashed. It feels like this new direct mail strategy is getting better and better.

4.       86% of partially addressed mail is engaged with

Are you serious? 86%? No way.

Yes way! Our research shows that partially addressed mail has a very high engagement rate. Put this alongside the cost reductions and increased reach, it’s safe to say that the benefits make it difficult to not try it out. The probability of receiving a response in this type of campaign certainly reinforces the benefits of using partially address mail in your next direct marketing campaign.

Learn more about how this service can help you:

We provide a database service to help you target your perfect demographic. Our experienced data specialists will guide you through sourcing the right type of targeted addresses and make sure you get the best value for your campaign. Work with bakergoodchild today and see how you direct mail projects can run like a dream. Simply contact us at info@bakerg.co.uk or 0800 612 1972.