Statistics that prove direct mail campaigns are still working

Although we now live in a digitally driven world it doesn’t mean that direct mail is dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and well! Here we’ve shared some statistics that prove that direct mail campaigns are still working.

Response rate statistics

92% of direct mail is opened – People are receiving less direct mail these days and are therefore more likely to open the mailings they do receive. Make sure you address your direct mail to individual customers, as this will help to boost your opening rates too.

48% of the UK responded to a Direct Mailing they received last year – Nearly half of all consumers take action after receiving a piece of direct mail. You can boost conversions by offering personalised communications and offers to your customers.

18% of direct mail is kept – One of the great things about direct mail is that people actually keep it to refer to at a later date. It has a much longer lifespan than other forms of marketing like email and TV advertising.

Engagement rate statistics

62% of people like receiving mail promoting an offer – Consumers like to feel they’re getting a good deal. Personalise offers to increase conversions.

70% of people like receiving mail offers that reward their loyalty – Customers like to know they are appreciated. By sending out loyalty offers, you stand a great chance of improving customer retention.

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Hybrid marketing strategy statistics

44% of people visit a company’s website said direct mail marketing materials had been received prior to the visit – Creating personalised landing pages for customers is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

76% of smaller businesses owners prefer a marketing strategy which combines both digital and print communication in an integrated approach – Pairing digital campaigns such as email and social media marketing to direct mail can also increase your response rates by around 25%.

Other direct mail statistics

56% of consumers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing – People trust direct mail more than other marketing materials like email and social media. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

57% of people say they are more likely to remember a message by mail – Unlike email, TV and radio advertising direct mail is tangible. Studies have found that tangible materials stick in the mind more than those that are simply viewed, read or heard.

57% of people say that mail’s a channel that shows you value your customers – If you want customers to know you appreciate them then direct mail is the way to go.

57% of respondents said that postcard marketing makes them feel valued and gives a sense of an authentic relationship – this goes back to receiving nice postcards from family when they are away on holiday, a postcard tends to be received with warmth 

In a recent Forbes article, the following 2 stats from Gallup are mentioned:

36% of millennials (under 30’s) eagerly anticipate checking for mail each day – this shows that for this age group mail is “novel” and the group looks forward to opening it

95% of 18-to-29-year-olds said they respond positively when receiving cards and letters – although this doesn’t necessarily mean direct mail it suggests this group is open to receiving mailings

UK direct mail expenditure statistics by sector

The mix of UK direct mail expenditure statistics by sector is (source: British Print):

  • Retail and mail order 31%
  • Financial services 19%
  • Charities & other not for profit 18%
  • Telecoms, computing, property, business 11%
  • Entertainment & leisure, media and travel 10%
  • Durable & semi-durable goods 6%
  • FMCG 5%

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