Applications for the Bulk Mailing of Postcards

Bulk mail can be used in a variety of different ways by businesses and marketers, and one such way is by sending postcards. Unfamiliar with sending postcards, its applications or why it may benefit your business? Find everything that you need to know here.

Why would you send postcards?

Postcards are a highly advantageous marketing technique for you. Before we cover some of the varied applications for them, we wanted to explain the benefits for bulk mailing postcards.

Ease to produce

Postcards are generally pretty small, and so it’s not too costly in terms of time to think up and create the designs for this type of mail.

Cost effective

Because they are small, you’ll also find that postcards aren’t costly in terms of money either.


Their cost effective nature and limited space for content mean that you can run multiple and varied bulk mail postcard campaigns throughout the year.


Postcards are a great way to ensure that you target your audience properly.

Trackable ROI

You can include things such as personalised URLs in your postcards, allowing you to easily track conversion rates.

Effective ROI

Postcards also have a very high level of conversion, as they are easy to read, and normally eye-catching (if designed and planned well!).

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Applications for the bulk mailing of postcards

Here are some of the applications that you can use when bulk mailing postcards.

Thank you cards

No matter your business or industry, you can also make use of thank you postcards. Perhaps you want to thank your customers for a recent donation or purchase, or maybe just for people a loyal member. A personalised ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

Special offers

Everyone loves a special offer or discount, and a postcard is a great way to hook a customer in. This is because they’ll normally see the offer immediately on the postcard, without first having to unwrap an envelope.


The bulk mailing of postcards is a great way of making a big announcement on a large scale. Perhaps you have new products or a new event happening soon?


While this ties in with the two points above, there are also other ways you can use postcards in an effective way to market to new customers.

Other types of bulk mail that you can send

It’s not just postcards that you can send using bulk mail, there are also other mediums that you can take advantage of too. These are:

The type of bulk mail that you send will vary depending on the audience you are targeting and the reason for sending your bulk mail, so it’s a good idea to think about this carefully before sending.

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