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bakergoodchild invests in new Xerox Iridesse™ Production press

In by Gunvinder Bhogal

Specialist of direct mail fulfilment and print management services, bakergoodchild, has announced that it has invested in a new Xerox Iridesse™ Production Press as part of the company’s on-going commitment to continuous improvements in its production equipment and output capabilities.

The Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press has also been purchased in line with an increase in demand that bakergoodchild has encountered by customers for more vibrant and pure colour finishing techniques. The investment also responds to the continued growth in digital printing technology, as more advancements have been made.

As well as offering all the hallmarks of a digital press such as personalisation, economical short-runs, and agile production The Xerox® Iridesse™ is also enhanced by new high-value inline capabilities that allow stunning four-colour imagery. It will allow bakergoodchild to apply spot varnish to either protect or enhance digital print and has the capability to print a sheet size up to 1200mm in length.

Equipped as standard with Colour FLX Technology, the Xerox® Iridesse™ provides the kind of flexible spot and mixed speciality effects that can deliver a “wow” factor to the printed page adding a sparkle to end users communications mix.

The combination of 1200 x 1200 dpi x 10-bit RIP rendering and 2400 x 2400 dpi x 1-bit print imaging delivers Ultra High Definition (HD) detail so that tints, gradients, fine text, and lines are printed and produced as intended.

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Whilst its four-colour print quality is outstanding, it’s only the beginning of what Iridesse™ can do. The press can be used to create vibrant visual and nothing gets the job done quite like a palette of iridescent metallic colours. Using smart technology to layer HD EA Silver and Gold Dry Inks with CMYK, to create vibrant spot colours, metallic gradients, photographic enhancements, and more – and it’s all done through a single pass at rated speed (120 pm). This is a press that is built to run up to six metallic colours, a rainbow of iridescent palettes to create stunning brochures, postcards, catalogues and posters that truly sparkle.

By using its multi-pass and dimensional capabilities watermarks and security marks can be all added to printed materials. The press also has Dual Advanced High Capacity Feeders, coupled with a Bypass and Inserter, which lets the user run up to eight different stocks in a single job – or a maximum of 12,500 sheets. The Xerox Iridesse has been designed to handle multiple stocks.

Commenting on the new investment, bakergoodchild Sales Director, Adam Stafford stated, “This new production press provides us (bakergoodchild) with the potential to offer enhanced digital printing in house and increase our capacity and capabilities. By being the first company to have this press in the West Midlands signifies our intent to be a pioneer mailing house in the UK.”

Adam continued, “With the increase in customer demand that we are seeing from sectors such as retail and more and more key seasonal events, this investment will allow bakergoodchild to increase our bandwidth to not only handle the work flow but also allow us to add a touch of sparkle to client work.”

Customers that want or require spot colours, metallic finishing and pure crisp white finishing to be added can now have this delivered at high production speeds and lower costs.

Commenting on how the digital printing market is shaping and how they feel about bakergoodchild being the first company in the West Midlands to invest in the Xerox® Iridesse™, Xerox stated, “This is a market where digital print enhancement volumes will grow at a strong 27% CAGR from 2015 to 2020*, reaching 25 billion pages by 2020*. This growth is more than twice the rate of the CMYK digital printing market.”

*CMYK+ 2016 InfoTrends Report

“Forward looking businesses like bakergoodchild can see that adding value and differentiation makes great business sense, both for them and their clients. In a world where print needs to work harder, visual differentiation with gold, silver or clear print plus different formats, papers and substrates puts bakergoodchild at the leading edge of this evolving opportunity.”

Pinnacle Complete Office Solutions are a Xerox Premier Partner capable of delivering the full range of Xerox heavy production equipment; and a team of Specialist Production Print Consultants with experience and knowledge of the commercial print industry. Pinnacle work with many of the leading players within the UK and Europe to provide leading edge and bespoke print solutions enabling, them to improve productivity, profits and assist in the development of new markets.

bakergoodchild partnered with Pinnacle Complete Office Solutions and their dedicated Xerox Production Print Specialists to implement a print infrastructure that is capable of not only coping with their successful growth to date; but as they expand their customer offerings into the more lucrative print embellishment market.

Brand Specialists and Marketers are having to justify their spend and improve response rates as they call customers to action. The introduction of the Xerox® Iridesse™ by Pinnacle and its head turning embellishments will be a key enabler for bakergoodchild as they continue to exceed their customer expectations and further establish themselves as a major player in the mail and print industry.

Pinnacle, early on could see how bakergoodchild’s set-up could be enhanced with Xerox specialist production presses; delivering improved financials; a more manageable fleet; increased productivity capability; improved up time; and now delivering market leading products that will benefit both existing and new customers.

Pinnacle look forward to continuing their relationship with the forward thinking bakergoodchild team and seeing them benefit from the Xerox market leading technology. Pinnacle can see bakergoodchild continuing to prosper from further growth as current customers enquire to use existing output with enhancements, and new opportunities coming through.

Being an independent specialist provider of bulk mail fulfilment and postal services, the company has invested in specialist bespoke mailing solutions and software, which enable them to be at the forefront of using modern technologies within print for direct mail marketing campaigns. Whether its urgent print jobs, management of mailing or saving on postage, bakergoodchild is committed to deliver you a market leading service.

For information on the services bakergoodchild provides, please visit their website ( or call 0800 612 1972.

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